Birkbeck Tram Stop London

Birkbeck Tram stop services the southern suburbs of London in the Borough of Bromley. The tram stop is located in the Birkbeck Station which also has a National Rail stop. Originally, the station was built in 1858 but the tram did not make an appearance until 2000. The light rail track is part of Tram Route 2 and was opened at the same time that other tram stations connecting to the Croydon Loop were started. The Birkbeck Station currently has two tracks running through it and the platform for the train and tram are opposite to each other. Passengers cannot walk over from one platform to the other directly.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops near Birkbeck Tram stop

    The Bromley area is considered to be the richest borough of London. Some of the well known restaurants and coffee shops are easily approachable for the affluent residents of the area.

    Kemer, Zi Teresa, Sitar Indian Restaurant, Mantanah Thai Cuisine, The King &
    Coffee Shop
    Elmers End & Loonys Cafe

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    Clubs & Bars near Birkbeck Tram stop

    The Bromley area is mostly made of residential and gated communities and because of this, night clubs are not in ample amount in the vicinity, but bars and pubs do brisk business.

    The Gold Coast Bar, The Albert Tavern, The Cherry Trees, Marlow Fish Bar & The Jolly Sailor

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    Sights and Attractions near Birkbeck Tram stop

    The residential area around the tram stop has no tourist attractions available. However, it does have some relaxing parks and gardens that are frequented by residents and visitors.

    South Norwood Country Park, South Norwood Lake & Grounds,
    Betts Park

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    Educational Institutes near Birkbeck Tram stop

    There are some well reputed and respected educational institutes are located in this area, and residents of Bromley can afford to send their children in these institutions.

    Primary School
    Stewart Fleming Primary School, Churchfields Primary School, Caboodle Arts Company Ltd, South Norwood Primary School & Clockhouse Preschool
    Harris Academy South Norwood & Monks Orchard School
    Bromley Adult Education College & Kings College

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    Gift & Bookshops near Birkbeck Tram stop

    If you are visiting friends or family in Bromley, you can purchase a gift or book for them when you step off the tram. There are several good gift shops and book shops in the area that can cater to most demands.

    Gift Shops
    Treasures (UK) Limited, The Present Club, Gem's Gifts & Fishers
    Book Shop
    Long Neck Enterprises Ltd

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    Health & Beauty Services near Birkbeck Tram stop

    A beauty treatment or day trip to a spa can be a very relaxing experience. This helps people relieve the stress and tensions of a long work week. Several venues close to the Birkbeck tram stop are ideal for such activities.

    Body Moves, David Lloyd Beckenham & Functionally Fit
    The Hairdressers & Just Perfect

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    Emergency Services near Birkbeck Tram stop

    With a large and expensive residential area close to the tram stop, there are several emergency and police services in the area. These help protect the property and possession of the locals and visitors.

    Metropolitan Police Service (Croydon Road), Metropolitan Police Service (High Street) & Metropolitan Police Service South Norwood Police Station

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    Hospitals & clinics near Birkbeck Tram stop

    People living in London suburbs do not need to drive into the city to receive medical care. There are extremely well equipped clinics and hospitals close at hand like the ones near Birckbeck tram stop.

    Portland Medical Centre, Eden Park Surgery, Kent House Dental Clinic, Woodside Health Centre & Family Dental Practice

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    Childcare Centres near Birkbeck Tram stop

    Most households in the Bromley area usually have two working parents. This means that the demand for child care is high and many people set up their centres to fulfill these needs.

    Child care
    Churchfields Primary School, Little Monkeys, Teddies Nurseries Beckenham, Norris Day Nursery, Monmar Day Nursery, Archangels Montessori Nursery & Little Sunflowers Childcare

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