List of Middle Eastern Restaurants in London

Middle Eastern cuisine has its own distinctive taste which tantalizes the taste-buds into a seductively teasing frenzy. This is why most Londoners are perpetual loyalists of this cuisine, ensuring an increased demand for restaurants that offer it. But finding them in the closeted corners of London’s street is not as easy as it may sound, and this is precisely why Step by Step brings you this article which lists down Middle Eastern Restaurants in London.


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    Maroush II

    Is most popular restaurant in London. It also has live Lebanese music and belly dancers that will entertain you as you eat.

  • 2


    Is resplendent to say the least. It has a vast lounge area that has plush, cozy sofas that invite you into their comfortable embrace.

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    Consists of four places that include a restaurant, cafe, outdoor porch and crypt bar while live music in the background proves to be utterly entertaining.

  • 4


    Uses ample amounts of spices to verve up the dishes for local Mediteranian population as well as people from coming from a different ethnicity.

  • 5


    Promises an enticing respite from the busy city by allowing people to dine in the comforting ambiance that this restaurant provides.

  • 6

    Yalla Yalla Beirut Street Food

    Presents fabulous dishes that boast of an earthy, scrumptious taste which most people crave for.

  • 7

    Al-Waha Restaurant

    Is situated within the heart of London and prepares authentic Mideteranian food that will have people coming in for more.

  • 8

    The Souk

    Is a place where you can experience delicious food based on Arabian recipes and served in a serene environment.

  • 9

    Al-Sultan Restaurants

    Has a menu which is extensive and full of delectable dishes that are available on reasonable prices.

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