List of Fast Food Restaurants in London

Due to the fast paced lifestyle of modern Londoners, fast food restaurants are becoming very popular in the capital of the United Kingdom, where quick service is just an order away. Fast food cuisines are usually highly processed, using standardized cooking and production methods to provide fresh and quick meal. There are a number of famous fast food restaurants in the capital of United Kingdom. They each have their own unique menus and taste. The article will tell you about some of the best fast food restaurants to get a quick and delicious meal. Here is the step by step list of few fast food restaurants in London.


  • 1

    Fire & Stone, is one of the leading fast food restaurant in London which is famous for its delicious pizzas. The restaurant is designed to serve a large number of people at a time.

  • 2

    Burger King, is among the most famous fast food restaurants around the world and is very popular in the capital of United Kingdom as well. The restaurant is famous for its delicious and mouthwatering flavors of Burgers.

  • 3

    KFC, is the pioneer in introducing scrumptious fried chicken and now have branches all over the world. In London, KFC is located in the central part of the city and is one of the best place for a fast food restaurant.

  • 4

    McDonald's, is another famous fast food restaurant which has branches all over the world. It is famous for its unique taste in burgers and is a must visit place to eat in London.

  • 5

    Pizzetta, specialises in all flavours of Pizzas. If you are looking for one of the best pizzas in the city of London, Pizzetta is the place for you where you will find chicken, beef and pepperoni flavours.

  • 6

    The Flying Burrito, is the best place in London to have lip smacking burrito. The food is very popular in London due  to its uniqueness and yummy flavours.

  • 7

    Lahore Kebab House, is a world famous Pakistani restaurant which is quite popular in London as well. Lahore Kebab House offers a wide range of dishes including fast food as well.

  • 8

    Eds Easy Diner, serves delicious burgers, hot dogs, fries and shakes. The place is perfect if you are planning to take your family out for a quick and affordable meal.

  • 9

    Leon Restaurants, is a famous restaurant in London which deals in every kind of food menu including fast food. The place offers best grilled chicken and burgers.

  • 10

    Yalla Yalla Beirut Street Food, is a Lebanese restaurant which offers delicious fast food recipes in the traditional style.

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