List of Egyptian Restaurants in London

Egypt has had a very vibrant trade history with the United Kingdom. This relationship has seen travelers and business from Egypt reach the shores of London for hundreds of years. The British presence in Egypt has also been strong. This relationship has led to the cross pollination of cuisine and food from both countries. Today, an intrepid foodie can find Egyptian restaurants in London that specialises in Ful Medames, Koshari, rice stuffed pigeon and Molokheyya. These delicacies now attract hordes of customers that line up outside Egyptian restaurants at all times of the day. To start up your search here is the step by step list of Egyptian restaurants in London.


  • 1

    Ali Baba, is an egyptian restaurant which serves the best Egyptian food. All of their staff dress in Egyptian clothes and cook delicious food.

  • 2

    Halal of Marble Arch, is small restaurant serving the Londoners with Egyptian food for last many years.

  • 3

    Daraweesh Grill, cook all kind of Egyptian cuisine filled with heavy usage of legumes and vegetables. They also make bread, Ful Medames, Koshari, rice stuffed pigeon and Molokheyya.

  • 4

    Ayoush Restaurant, brings a taste of the exotic to its customers, with the authentic sights, sounds and flavours of North Africa, Morocco and Arab including Egypt.

  • 5

    Meya Meya, is basically serve as coffe shop but offer excellent range of egyptian cuisine. They cook egyptian, middle eastern, and other countries food.

  • 6

    Maroush Restaurant, serves a variety of Middle Eastern food including Egyptian cuisine. There is also a bar arena in the restaurant.

  • 7

    Yalla Yalla, is a restaurant serving Middle Eastern food including some foods of Egypt. They can serve to private parties.

  • 8

    Noura Lounge, is a specialised restaurant in the Middle Eastern food especially Lebanese, however they also serve some of the finest Egyptian dishes.

  • 9

    Kenza is a specialised Middle Eastern restaurant also offering Egyptian food. The restaurant has some of the popular dishes of Egypt to offer.

  • 10

    Al Waha Restaurant, is a renowned restaurant serving the Londoners with Lebanese, Egyptian and other Middle Eastern Foods.

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