How to Get Benin Tourist Visit Visa from London

Republic of Benin a country located in Western Africa, not many people around the world are familiar with this name, but this small state has abundant tourist attractions. Tourists, who are looking to explore Benin, can access the country by taking a flight. The major attractions include a bouquet of small beaches and some lagoons. However, the tour is incomplete without seeing the lovely waterfalls, hills and the grasslands of the state. Such tourist destinations are spread throughout the country. Folks in London, who are willing to discover new destinations like Benin, can follow our step by step guide to get the tourist visa of the country.


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    Visa Application

    In order to apply for Benin tourist visa you have to get a visa application form. You can download visa application of The Republic of Benin from here.

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    Visitors of the Republic of Benin should have following documents to get the visa of the state:

    1.       Completed visa application form

    2.       Valid passport

    3.       Visitors should have Typhoid and Malaria protection along with a valid Yellow Fever certification.

    4.       One passport size photograph

    5.       Photocopy of roundtrip tickets or confirmed itinerary.

    6.       Appropriate visa fee. (see below)

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    Visa Fee and Processing Period

    15 day single entry £94.95

    30 day single entry £104.95

    90 day single entry £114.95

    30 day double entry £114.95

    90 day double entry £124.95

    90 day triple entry £134.95

    Processing time period of all these entries is same day.

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    Applicants can apply visa either by visiting in person or send mail to the Republic of Benin UK Consulate in London at the below mentioned address:

    The Republic of Benin UK Consulate

    Applications by post have to be accompanied by a recorded delivery envelope, which should be big enough to hold a passport.

    Applicants, who have applied for visa from the Republic of Ireland, have to add £8.00 in the above mentioned charges in order to cover the expense of return postage.

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    Mode of Payment

    Mode of payment to get the visa of Benin is by cash or by demand draft. Credit and debit card are not accepted for payment.

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    Processing time and Visa receiving

    If you are submitting your application form by hand then you can get it without any delay and if applied by post it will take 3 to 4 working days.

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