List of Art Organizations in London

The museums and art galleries of London and full of pieces that define all movements in the art world. They represent classical pieces to post-modern artists and their work. However, art is just not confined to paper and canvas, today, art can be expressed digitally, in film or by acting. This gives the need for Art Organizations in London that cater to not only the different type of artists in the UK but also the audience that wants to experience the art in its many forms. Below is a index of art organizations in London that have different missions but all that try to present art and its variations to the masses.


  • 1

    The Society Of London Art Dealers, was created in 1932 to facilitate visual art traders in the United Kingdom. The reputable members of the organization sell old masterpieces to the latest pieces of art.

  • 2

    Arts Council England, is a group that promotes artistic experience in England. They promote theater, digital art, reading, dance, music, literature, crafts and collections.

  • 3

    Southbank Centre, is located on 21-acres near the river Thames and is the world largest art council. They offer a wide array of experiences including orchestra, dance, music, and visual art.

  • 4

    Cubitt, is an art gallery and studio that is run by the artists whose work are displayed there. They use exhibitions, performances, screenings, symposia, talks given by artists, critics or curators and educational projects to promote art internationally and nationally.

  • 5

    Village Underground, is mixture of an community or artists anr venue to display art. They stage concerts, club nights, exhibitions, theater, live art and other performances in their venues located in London.

  • 6

    Circus Space, is a charity organization that focuses on circus art. They are the leading provider of training and education for circus performers in Europe.

  • 7

    Bridewell Theatre, is part of the St. Bride foundation and offers a venue for performing arts. They also have a satellite bar that has more intimate shows with drinks being served.

  • 8

    Free Word, is an organization that promotes writing, literature and free speech. This offer a platform for both literary artists and politics.

  • 9

    Louise Blouin Foundation, is not for profit foundation that promotes international cooperation through exchanges of culture.

  • 10

    3 Bedfordbury Gallery, is located in the iconic Covent Garden area of London. They offer exhibition space for individual and galleries.

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