How to Adverise a Pub & Bar in London

Marketing your pub is just as important for your business as having a skilled and professional staff running the operations of the bar. In London, where there is tough competition between pubs and bars, owners need to be more vigilant with their marketing to stay in the customers line of sight. Owners of a pub business know that the most important element to retain a customer is high quality staff and competitive prices but it is not enough to compete the ever growing market of pubs and bars in British capital. You always need to keep marketing your business if you want to attract more customers and retain the old ones. If you are the owner of bar or pub, you should learn how to create the perfect plan to market your business in a way that can generate maximum revenue. Here is a step by step method for marketing pubs and bars in London.


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    Making a Marketing plan

    One of the most important factors behind every marketing campaign is a highly researched and perfect marketing plan. Before writing a marketing plan for pubs and bars, it is recommended to define your target market and its needs.

    (a) Prepare a mission statement

    Make a mission statement that clearly and succinctly defines the nature of your business and services you offer. You should try to keep mission statement to few sentences.

    (b) Decide Target Market

    Understand your target market and potential clients or group of visitors.

    (c) Market Research

    It is recommended to conduct a market research. It will allow you to understand the popularity of pub and bar. It will also help to find the services of your competitors and the feedback they are getting by the clients.

    (d) Understand the competition

    After you have conducted research, you will be in better condition to judge your competition in London. You must try to understand strong and weak points of your competitors. It will help you decide your plan and services.

    (e) Establish Marketing Goal

    You should set a goal in front of you. It will help you decide what numbers of clients you would like to acquire, the number of people you would like to reach or amount of income you would like to increase in your pub.

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    Write Marketing Material

    After you have complete information about your competitor, target market and have set a goal, now you need to write a winning marketing material. When you start writing, you should keep in mind the needs of the target market. A best advertising is considered a one which delivers full massage in light words. You can also contact an advertising company to write a catchy and market winning slogan, and marketing material for you.

    (a) McCann Erickson Ltd

    (b) Grey London

    (c) Giraffe Advertising Agency

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    Publish or broadcast your idea

    Once you have written a marketing material, you will have to publish it to make it available to people. If you are looking to make TV advertisement then you need to contact advertisement companies which will handle all the things for you. You can contact several newspapers to advertise your pub. However, if you are looking to make brochures, pamphlets, or flyers at your own, you will have to contact publishing houses.

    (a) The Virtual Publishing House

    (b) Incisive Media Limited

    (c) Swedenborg Society

  • 4

    Distribute Marketing Material

    After you have made of prepared marketing material, you need to make it reach to the clients and the target market. If you have made a print advertisement material, like flyers, brochures, or pamphlets, you need to distribute these using different methods. There are companies in the London that offer services to distribute your marketing materials.

    (a) Leaflet Distribution Specialists

    (b) White Eagle Distribution

    (c) Leaflet Distribution in London

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    Marketing using Social Website

    Nowadays, the social website are one of the biggest tools to market your business around the world. You can make a specialise page of your business on different social media website to promote and announce different events in your pub or bar.

    Visit Facebook Website
    Visit Twitter Websiter
    Visit Googlplus Website
    Visit Myspace Website
    Visit Hi5 Website

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    Delivering brochures and pamphlet in different areas/localities can also become another source of advertising your pub or bars.

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