How To Get Auction Licence In London

Auction is a procedure to sell goods or items by presenting them for bidding and then selling them to the highest bidder. People tend to find and purchase many useful and fascinating products on various auctions that are held in London. These include collectibles or curios that allure the fancy of many collectors, and also a range of general purpose second hand household items. If you or your friends and family have a collection of such items and feel like offering them on auction, then you need to have an auction license before you hold an auction. The auction license will be awarded by the local council of your area in London after you apply for it and fulfill the criteria.


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    Applying for Auction License in Local Council

    The owner of the premises (where the auction is to take place) has to submit an application to the local council of his area in London and include the details of the trading or auction session. The details of all items for sale and details of the stalls in the auction will also be submitted in the application. Also, an application fee is charged by the local council.

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    The owner of the premises will take responsibility for the safety of people visiting the venue and will also make sure that nothing is sold or auctioned which is harmful to the consumers or will adversely effect them. The local coucil specifically checks that only allowed or permitted items be offered for bid at the auction and only "Registered Stalls" take part in it. For further details, refer to the below given links of  to get a more detailed criteria for a few local councils.

    Click here to view the criteria of Harrow Council of London
    Click here to view the criteria of Richmond Upon Thames
    Click here to view the criteria of City of London Borough

    To find your local council, visit this link.

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    Grant of Approval by Local Council

    The local council will grant you a formal approval only after they have assessed and evaluated all the necessary requirements and have made sure that no relgulation will be violated and public interest and safety will be ensured during the auction session.

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    How to send the application:

    The application can either be be sent on the council's email address (if there is any), or sent to them by post.

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