How to Get Turkey Tourist Visit Visa from London

All foreign nationals including UK citizens who are planning to make a trip to Turkey need to acquire a visa first whether you want to go for visit, work or study. Normally, you can obtain three months tourist Visa upon entrance to Turkey if you are a UK citizen. However, it is not mandatory to carry a Turkey visit visa before traveling as it can be obtained on arrival. If you are in London and planning a trip to Turkey then whether you are a UK citizen or any other national living in London, there are some requirements that should to be fulfilled in order to get a visa from the Turkish Embassy. The article will guide you with the complete process of getting a visit visa of Turkey from London.

Visit: Turkish Embassy


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    Visa Application Form

    The first step in acquiring a Turkey Tourist visit Visa is getting an application form in order to submit your request. The Application form can be obtained from the Turkish embassy in London which is located in Knightsbridge. OR

    Click here to download the application form from the Turkish Consulate London website.

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    Requirements for Turkey Visa

    Before filling the form, it is necessary to go through the Turkey Visa requirements in order to avoid rejections or any delays. The major requirements for Turkey Visa are listed below.

    (a) It is required that the applicants for Turkey Visa apply in person to the Turkish Consulate London.
    (b) It should be guaranteed that the Visa application form is complete before submitting to the visa officer.
    (c) A minimum of six months validity is required for the passport holders when they arrive Turkey.
    (d) A minimum of one year validity is required for Travel document holders when they arrive Turkey.
    (e) Visa applications takes up to three working days in normal circumstances, depending on your status in United Kingdom or your nationality

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    Submit the Application form

    After fulfilling all the requirements to apply for Turkey Tourist Visa, submit the application to the visa officer at Turkish Consulate London. Generally, it takes three days to process your application.

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    Visa Fees

    Considering you are a British citizen, if you receive your Turkey visa from the Consulate, it will cost you 68 pounds. And if you collect your visa from the entry port of Turkey, it will cost you 10 pounds.

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    Ways to receive Visa

    After submitting the application form and subsequent to the processing days, Turkish visa can be obtained in two ways. Either you can collect your visa from Turkey Consulate London or you can receive it at the entry port of Turkey.

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