Croxley Tube Station London

In Hertfordshire, which is the district of the Three Rivers, Croxley Station is situated. Earlier when the station was inaugurated on 2nd of November 1925, the Underground station was named as Croxley Green. But later on in 1949 the rapid transit was renamed as Croxley. With 7 fare zones and 2 platforms the tracks of the station were laid between Moor Park and Watford, while exact location of the station is at the edges of Winton Drive and Watford Road in Croxley Green. The entrance and the exit route to the ticket hall is same, you will have to cover 40 meters distance from the stairs to enter the ticket hall and same distance will have to be covered while exiting.  Every possible facility is available on the station for passenger which includes disabled ones as well. Places to explore near Croxley Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops

    Presence of restaurants and coffee shops at any location increases the eminence of the place, but if it is near a tube station then people find it way more convenient.


    Standard Tandoori
    Red House
    Fox & Hounds

    Coffee Shops

    Croxley Cafe
    Cafe Amici

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    Clubs & Bars

    Are you in a mood to initiate your weekend with a fun night out with friends then why don’t you plan out a casual gathering at a bar or a club mentioned beneath:


    The Artichoke
    Croxley Green
    Red House


    DJ Jamie Borg Hertfordshire

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    Hotels & Accommodations

    Presence of lodging facilities adjacent to the rapid transit provides massive convenience for visitors especially. Near the Croxley Tube Station you will spot several accommodation facilities.


    Premier Inn Watford (Croxley Green)
    The Millwards Bed & Breakfast

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    Sights & Attractions

    If you intend to spend some quality time with your family by visiting few out class attractions near Croxley Tube Station, then try making a choice out of the following:


    Croxley Station Car Park
    Croxley Green

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    Schools & Colleges

    Mostly tube stations are located in such a place where various facilities are available therefore, keeping in view that education is the first most priority for everyone, many educational institutes lies in the vicinity of Croxley Tube Station in London.


    Rickmansworth School
    Harvey Road Primary School
    Malvern Way Infants School
    Yorke Mead Primary School


    Westfield Community Technology College

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    Gift & Bookshops

    Are you in a hurry to meet a friend but you forgot to buy a nice gift in order to portray the gesture of social cohesion? Do not get apprehensive you can buy something really special form the available gift shops adjacent to the station.

    Gift Shops

    Giles & Posner

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    Health & Beauty Services

    If you are satisfied about your health along with physical fitness, then it will be quite easy for you to face the world with confidence and with an amazing spirit. But if you will start ignoring the fitness factor then it will definitely impact you in a negative way.


    Croxley Wellness Centre


    Croxley Tanning & Beauty Rooms
    The Pursernal Touch

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    Hospitals & Emergency

    Likewise several other daily requirements the medical facility has its own eminence, which is why usually people prefer clinics and hospitals near their location, whether they are near a tube station or their home.


    Alma Hospital Trust
    Chartwell Dental Clinic
    Croxley Osteopathic Clinic
    Lloyds Pharmacy
    Karen Manners

    Emergency Services:

    Rickmansworth Police Station
    Watford Police Station
    Northwood Police Station

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    Shopping Malls

    If you are intend to go for shopping before getting hold of the tube station and head towards home, then pay a visit at the supermarkets which are located very close to the station.


    Co-operative Food
    Croxley Supermarket
    The Co-op

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