List of Jewish Restaurants in London

Jewish restaurants are available in most parts of London because many observant Jews live in the city. Jewish restaurants not only have a distinguished regional cuisine they also offer food that is prepared according to religious dietary laws. Most Jewish restaurants in London serve kosher food and some have hechser, which is a certification that the meals being served are according to Jewish kosher rules. Generally Jewish food is most popular during Jewish holidays and events including passover. Here is the list of some of good Jewish restaurants in London working in the city since last few years. These restaurants are located in various parts of London so one visit the nearby station according to his convenience.


  • 1

    Harry Morgan Restaurant Ltd, Harry Morgan isĀ  local butcher, this restaurant was once tiny takeaway deli is now the largest and most famous New York Style Deli Restaurant in London.

  • 2

    Reubens , is a Jewish restaurant which is serving tasty food to its customers with great numbers of traditional dishes.

  • 3

    L'artista, established in 1985 by a group of friends from different parts of Italy and has been serving Jewish food since then.

  • 4

    Prince Of Ceylon , The Prince of Ceylon based in Hendon, brings you a unique flare of ethnicity and best Jewish foods.

  • 5

    Mews of Mayfair, a fine place for Jewish community to have real fun here.

  • 6

    Delisserie , It established itself in the area as the place to meet and quickly built a reputation for serving pile high deli sandwiches, all day breakfasts and quality fresh salads.

  • 7

    Aviv Restaurant , a fine place with Jewish traditional food which has remain a centre for this community.

  • 8

    The Marylebone Hotel, is one of the finest hotels in London - a haven of understated and contemporary luxury that turns even the briefest of stays into a genuine pleasure.

  • 9

    Wigmore Hall , is one of the finest hotels in London for Jewish people.

  • 10

    Met Su Yan, is a kosher Pan Oriental Restaurant specializing in authentic fusion foods cooked by highly experienced chefs from across the London.

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