Emukay Restaurant London

Looking for authentic African cuisine in London is not as hard as some people would think. With an influx of immigrants from different countries in Africa, the cuisine of the continent is thriving in the British Capital. Emukay is a good example of well established venues that serve traditional African fare. The restaurant’s menu has some great African dishes, but focuses more on food from Nigeria and Lagos. The interior of the venue is put together to make customers feel as if they are in a cozy environment, while the food is delicious and reminds many African immigrants of home, and their family. The incredible aromas and traditional music sets the mood for any food lover to get ready to feast on a hardy meal that will open new avenues of taste.

Contact: +44 20 7277 4977


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    Product and Services

    The venue serves authentic African Cuisine. Most of the dishes have Nigerian or Lagos influence.

    - Open for lunch and dinner
    - Gizzard
    - Dishes from Lagos
    - Dishes From Nigeria

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    91 Camberwell Road, London, SE5 0EZ, United Kingdom.

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    How to get to Emukay Restaurant

    By Tube:

    The restaurant does not have a tube stop that is close by, however, The Oval station is 1.3 miles away and can be used to access the venue. Travelers that get off at the station can make their way to street level and head South West on Kennington Park Road. They will then need to make a left on Camberwell New Road. This is the longest leg of the journey and travelers will keep on the road until they hit Camberwell Green where they will make another left. The eatery can be found on the right side. View Map.

    By Bus:

    Commuters who use the bus are in luck because there is a bus stop close to the restaurant. Customers can get to Camberwell Green (E) bus stop by using bus numbers 35, 40, 42, 45 and N35. This distance from this bus stop to destination is 299 ft and it takes 1 minute to travel the same. Head north on Camberwell Green/A215 and after traveling the mentioned distance you will find your destination on your left side. View Map

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