How to Contact the House of Lords Press Office

The House of Lords Press Office is one of the many departments that are a part of the House of Lords. The purpose of the Press Office is to deal with questions and requests from the media and press. It is important to know that the Press Office is distinct from the Information Office. Unlike the Press office, the Information Office offers a centralized service for members, the media and the public. The press office only deals with the media and does not cater to other parties. This helps the House of Lords control the flow of data to the press in an organized manner. The Press office is also tasked with being the mouthpiece of different committees in the House of Lords and the House itself. This office works with an aim to keep the media updated about whatever goes on in the House, subject to discretion and privacy rules.

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    How to Contact House of Lord Press Office

    The House of Lords Press office accepts requests and questions from the press and media from the world over on the following phone numbers and email address:

    Telephone: +44 207 219 8550

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    Secondary Contacts

    The Press Office advices people to use the following number if they do not receive an immediate response from the first two contact details:

    Telephone: +44 7917 488 386

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    Film crews and broadcasts

    The Press office also handles requests for filming in the House of Lords. Before contacting the Press Office, have information about how, why, when and where is the filming going to take place. The Office will require this before granting permission.

    Telephone: +44 207 219 3099


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    Media Notices

    The Press Office also provides an area that displays all recent press releases and notices. For journalists and media employees who wish to access the press notices, they can click here.

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