Pimlico Tube Station London

The Pimlico tube station was built in the City of Westminster and derives its name from a small area of garden squares. The station was inaugurated in 1972, connecting the Victoria Line between Victoria and Vauxhall. It is the only station on the line which does not have any interchange or link with any other National Rail line or Underground line. Pimlico was also the last underground station to be built before Jubilee Line was extended. The station has its main entrances from the South side of Baseborough Street and Rampayne Street, and there is one more entrance from the North side of Baseborough Street & Tate gallery. Both gates lead to the ticket halls and also serve as exits. The station has several amenities including wheel chair access, photo booths, vending machines and staff assistance for disabled commuters. Places to explore near Pimlico Tube Station.


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    Restaurants and Coffee Shops

    Visitors and travelers can find a wide range of restaurants and cafes in the surroundings of Pimlico tube station, promising freshly cooked food and a brewing hot cup of coffee!

    Grumbles Bistro, White Swan & Millbanks Spice
    Coffee shops:
    Pimlico Village & Regency

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    Clubs and Bars

    If you get tired from travel and want to enjoy, then you can find numerous clubs and bars in the vicinity of Pimlico tube station that are sure to serve your choice of beverage.

    Night clubs:
    Lightbox Nightclub, Pacha London & Roller Disco
    The Gallery & Pride Of Pimlico

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    Hotels and Accommodations

    It is not a big problem for visitors to find temporary lodging near Pimlico tube station because various hotels and accommodation places are available near it. Needless to mention, they offer great services at economical prices.

    Park Hotel Victoria, Victoria Inn, Corbigoe Hotel, Melbourne House Hotel, Blades & Carlton Hotel

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    Sights and Attractions

    There are numerous sights and attractions near Pimlico tube station where you can spend a memorable time with your children, family and friends. These sites include gardens, museums, palaces and different historical art galleries which help to learn the history of town.

    Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms, Jewel Tower, Buckingham Palace, Lambeth Palace & Queen's Gallery

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    Educational Institutes

    Various schools and colleges are serving with highly qualified teachers near the tube station. If somebody is new in town and looking for reputable institutes, then they can be found in one mile radius of the station.

    Westminster School & Pimlico Academy
    Chelsea College of Art and Design & Westminster Kingsway College

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    Gifts and Book Shops

    If you want to buy a book for yourself or a present for your dear ones to show your affection and care to them, then visit one of the outlets mentioned below.

    Gift shops:
    Flowers By Vantwisk & Blewcoat School Gift Shop
    Book shops:
    St Pauls & Church House Bookshop

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    Health and Beauty Services

    People who live near Pimlico tube station can find a variety of beauty salons, spas and health clubs at walking distance from the tube station.

    Beauty salon:
    Cila Hairdressing & Incredible You
    Dimples Beauty & Spa
    Health club:
    Fitness First

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    Emergency services

    Provision of emergency services is mandatory for a society to evolve and improve their standard of living, and this is why many of them can be found near the Pimlico tube station.

    Police stations:
    Metropolitan Police, Scotland Yard & British Transport Police
    Fire Stations:
    Lambeth Fire Station & Fire Brigade Station Westminster
    Ambulance service:
    Westminster Ambulance Station

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    Hospitals and Clinics

    Hospitals and clinics are very necessary for any town or city because it’s a basic requirement of people. Like other facilities that are available near Pimlico tube station, many medical facilities can also be seen.

    The Gordon Hospital & The Lister Hospital
    Pimlico & Victoria Medical Centre

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    Shopping Malls

    It is a blessing to have shopping malls around the area you live or travel in. This is why a plethora of malls can be seen near the station, offering different items for sale under one roof!

    Cardinal Place, Boots London Victoria Place & Capital Shopping Centres

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