Things to Do in London in November

During November, Londoners and visitors can have plenty of options to avail, in order to make their early winter days memorable. Several events and functions are planned, to increase the warmth enjoyment in the month of November. Some companies and event organizers used to plan annual fairs and festivals, while some national days are also scheduled in this month. You can take part in all of these festivals, either with your friends or families especially on weekends and holidays. Don’t waste your leisure time and make sure that this November will be free of boring and awkward moments, as there are a lot of things you can do during this month.


  • 1

    London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, is an historical event that used to take place on first Sunday of November every year, since 1896, with an interesting background. You should take part in that event in the month of November.

    For details, visit London to Brighton Veteran Car Run Website

  • 2

    Remembrance Sunday, used to held on 2nd Sunday, in the month of November every year. It is observed to remember the efforts and struggles of those, who lost their lives in efforts of freedom and peace to earn for United Kingdom.

    For details, visit Remembrance Sunday Website

  • 3

    Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair, will take place in mid of November, where more than 400 Exhibitors will take part for classic Christmas decoration ideas .

    For details, visit Country Living Magazine Website

  • 4

    Lord Mayor's Show, has a long history which takes it way back to year 1215. It is a traditional pledge taking ceremony, where the Mayor of London pledges his allegiance with the king or queen of that time. It is a very nice event to attend and is due on 10th of November.

    For details, visit Lord Mayor's Website

  • 5

    London Jazz Festival, will bring lots of fun to its visitors, where they can enjoy music shows and memorable live performances. This event will last for 10 days in November starting from 9th November to 18th November this year.

    For details, visit London Jazz Festival Website

  • 6

    VIP Shopping Day, is a good option to be enjoyed during November. It is a day when you can experience traffic free roads and pedestrian walks all over the London. It takes place in late November so make it sure you will be there to see live events and collections, later this year.

    For details, visit VIP Shopping Day Website

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