How to Get Laser Eye Surgery in London

Laser eye surgery is one of the most popular surgeries in the world. There are two forms of eye surgery through laser: most common is LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) and Photorefractive keratectomy PRK/LASEK.

In this way patient’s vision is corrected, as the shape of the cornea determines the way light enters in human beings’ eyes. Through laser eye surgery, surgeon removes specific and small amounts of corneal tissue in order to delicately alter the way light enters the eye. This treatment increase vision without having any pain in minutes.


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    If you are considering for a laser eye surgery in London, your first step is to find the most reliable surgeon or eye clinic in the town. This search can be done through internet (search engines .i.e. google, yahoo, bing etc). Or one can always ask from friends and relatives about dependable eye surgery clinic, who themselves had experienced such a surgery.

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    Once you are done finalizing eye surgeon/clinic/hospital. The next step is to set a meeting with your eye surgeon for comprehensive consultation through phone call or by visiting his/her clinic/hospital.

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    In this comprehensive consultation your surgeon will first determine whether the patient can have a laser eye surgery or not. If surgeon feels that patient can have surgery, then he will recommend a form of eye surgery that suits him the most.

    The comprehensive consultation includes close examination of patient’s eyes through which a surgeon gets to know about the fine details of the subject, in order to minimize the risk and increase the chances of better results.

    After patient’s comprehensive consultation the surgeon assigns him date of operation.

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    Finally on the big day, doctor will once again do a final examination, just to make sure that his previous measurements were fine or not.

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    After the final examination the patient is accompanied to the changing room and then to operation theatre. At this stage, patients usually feel a little nervous, but there is nothing to get worried about, as by this stage surgeon know patient’s eyes in incredible detail. These details help the surgeon a great deal in order to make the surgery successful.

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    There are several reputed laser eye surgery clinics and surgeons in London. Best five LASIK clinics in London are as: (click on the clinic names to visit their websites for complete details)

    1.  Optical Express in London, UK
    2.  Ultralase Clinic in London, UK
    3.  Optimax in London, UK
    4.  The London Vision Clinic
    5.  FOCUS Laser Vision in London, UK

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