How to Get Ecuador Tourist Visit Visa from London

Ecuador consists of four unique and diverse regions, all of which offer something different for all kinds of tastes. In essence this makes the South American state, one country but four worlds. This attracts many British travelers who are not uesed to such difference in terrain in their home country. The marvelous coasts with their beautiful beaches, tropical forests, the great Mangroves, Andes Mountains with its spectacular scenes, the mysterious Amazon River and natural waterfalls are all highlights that visitors from London will never forget. One of the most beautiful ecosystems of the world and the unique rocks, lava and wildlife of The Galapagos Islands bring huge attraction for British tourists. Below is our Step by Step guide on how to get a tourist visa for Ecuador from London so that you can experience the best of South America.


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    Countries that require a visa for tourism:

    The Residents or Nationals of following countries are required to get a Visa for their planned trip to Ecuador:

    a) Afghanistan
    b) Bangladesh
    c) China
    d) Eritrea
    e) Ethiopia
    f) Kenya
    g) Nepal
    h) Nigeria
    i) Pakistan
    j) Somalia
    k) or check the latest updated list of countries from The Embassy of Ecuador London website.

    Nationals of the countries other than those mentioned above, are exempt from the Visa requirements and are allowed to stay for a period of ninety (90) days. However, their passports will be stamped with a T3 permit, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ecuador.

    The Consulate of Ecuador situated in London grants visas to:

    a) Nationals who have permanent residence in United Kingdom.
    b) Nationals residing in nearby countries where the Ecuadorian Consulates are not present.
    c) Nationals for whom the United Kingdom is the first stop in their schedule to go to Ecuador.

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    The tourists are entitled to get a visa for the maximum of 180 days. The requirements for getting a tourist visa are as follows:

    a) A completely filled Visa Application Form along with supporting documents.
    b) A passport with at least 6 Months validity and Photocopy.
    c) 2 recent passport size photographs.
    d) A return ticket for Air, Land or Sea travel.
    e) A bank statement of the last 3 months as a proof of financial solvency. Accounts with overdrafts are not acceptable.
    f) A reference letter from Employer containing the Monthly income of the employee as a proof of ability to meet the expenses of travel or stay in Ecuador.
    g) A certificate from your doctor to prove your medical fitness.
    h) Confirmation of your residence in Ecuador.
    i) An Overseas Travel Insurance Policy (recommended) bearing the word “CERTIFICATE” on jt. It should not be in the form of a simple quotation.
    k) All the documents presented to the Ecuador Embassy in London should be Original with a set of photocopies.

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    Visa Application Form

    Download your Visa Application Form from here. Or contact the Embassy of Ecuador to get your application form by other means. For your convenience, the address details are as follows:

    Embassy of Ecuador in London

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    Visa Fee

    The fees applicable for Tourist Visa for Ecuador are £153.00. Fees are to be paid in cash only.

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    Form Submission and Processing Time

    Applying for Tourist Visa for Ecuador is not a big deal. Just set an appointment with the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and make your applications in person. Make it sure that the application is complete in all respoect to avoid delay in the issuance of Visa.

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    Collection and Validity of Visa

    If you have fulfilled all the above mentioned requirements appropriately, you can expect the issuance of Tourist Visa on the same day. Once you are granted with an Ecuadorian Tourist visa, you can collect it from the Embassy which will be valid for a maximum period of 6 months i.e. 180 days in total.

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    Final Checklist

    Pay special attention to check out following conditions to avoid any delay in the overall process:

    a) All documents mentioned in step 1.
    b) Verify that you passport is valid for at least 6 months.
    c) Ask from your Insurance Company about the capacity of coverage they offer. Whether or not the loss of your life and/or luggage is included in your package?
    d) A valid Visa Credit card.
    e) The date and time of departure along with your complete schedule of the Trip.
    f) Funds to support your travel.
    g) Complete information about the residence/hotel in Ecuador.

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    Precautions for Tourists before Taking a Trip to Ecuador

    Following precautionary measures should be adopted to make you safe from any unwanted incident that may occur with you:

    a) Ask from Ecuador Embassy about the kind and amount of luggage you are allowed to take with you.
    b) Passport must be carried all the time (at the time of departure, while traveling into the country).
    b) The grantees of visas will have to register themselves with the concerned authority i.e. "Dirección General de Extranjería"  in Quito, within first 30 days of entry.
    c) Under a Tourist visa, you are not allowed to work in Ecuador during your stay.
    d) Always cooperate with the immigration authorities in Ecuador.

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