List of Best Bookshops in London

Although with the advent of internet, many people have resorted to reading e-books or researching online. But the charm and resourcefulness that a bookshop holds is irreplaceable. This explains why Londoners prefer strolling in the bookshops, selecting their favorite books and then leaving with the vessel of knowledge in their hands.  This observation is given authority by the number of bookshops that can be found in every locality you pass by. But if you’re looking for the ‘best’ bookshops that will prove to be a haven for all the literary gems available, then this guide is definitely targeting you!


  • 1

    Foyles; besides being the largest bookshop, is also quite eminent as one of the best bookshops of Europe. This shop of London took very less time in building a reputation for itself, and providing Londoners with all the literary delights of their choice.

  • 2

    Magma is the best place to shop for graphic's students who are looking for edgy magazines. Despite the small size of the store, it has all possible books which are capable of providing complete knowledge on arts and design. Besides books, toys and gift are also available at Magma bookshop.

  • 3

    Claire de Rouen Books is a sanctuary for books related to arts, fashion and photography. Besides signed and collector’s editions, original photographed copies of famous artists are also available at Claire de Rouen Book’s store.

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    Daunt Books has a complete collection on different genres; whether you are looking for maps, politics, languages, history, travelogue, novels or news pieces, this place will have it. Its quantity of collection is not the only reason why people keep visiting, but quality of the material obtainable at Daunt Books is another reason that makes the store great to visit.

  • 5

    Donlon Books is a boutique of books that contains a good range of books which are hard to find anywhere else. So next time you're trying to find a book that can't be found anywhere else, make Donlon Books your choice!


  • 6

    Atlantis Bookshop is famous for providing quality books. Starting from classic novels to magazines, the store is a delight for anybody who is into reading.

  • 7

    Rococo News & Magazines has accomplished in making a huge reputation by selling some impressive stock of magazines and a collection of fashion related books. Moving out of this glitzy world, this bookshop also has newspapers and literature on politics.

  • 8

    Bookmarks has books written by well known authors on topics related to politics, economics and religion, among other genres. There's certainly something for everyone there.

  • 9

    Grant & Cutler is known as the best seller of foreign language books. The store has also gained a fine reputation after selling dictionaries, software packages, games and films in all possible languages.

  • 10

    Gosh! has not filled up its shop with ridiculous and meaningless stock. In fact, it is known for selling high quality knowledgeable literature. The staff members of Gosh are efficient enough to guide their customers on books related to every possible field.

  • 11

    Children’s Bookshop is not only the best place for toddlers to acquire unique and quality knowledge, but elders who have difficulty in reading and writing can also acquire help from the treasure of education and learning available at Children’s Bookshop.

  • 12

    Primrose Hill Book’s friendly and service is not the only reason why people prefer visiting it again and again, but the rare stock available is another attraction that pulls all literature fans.

  • 13

    Stoke Newington Bookshop was honored with the award of Best Independent Bookshop in Britain in the year 2006. For enthusiastic readers and knowledge seeking Londoners, this bookshop is an ideal place.

  • 14

    Bookseller Crow on the Hill; if you are in search of quality books, then do pay a visit at the Bookseller Crow on the Hill. For big kids, a special section of novels is also available. A phenomenal range of magazines is also sold at the store.

  • 15

    Prospero’s Books is another local bookstore of London that is famous for having a nice collection of books for all age groups and fields. The stock available at the store is not only recent but you will also find old books.

  • 16

    Review; the spark of this place is the availability of outdoor seating so that visitors can enjoy their favorite book along with a lovely cup of coffee on a bright sunny day. Besides books related to arts, architecture and photography, a set of chess is also present at the shop to make the environment more interesting and relaxing.

  • 17

    Blenheim Book store is responsible for selling books related to photography architectural designs and interior designing. Not only for professionals, but whoever has interest in the field of arts will definitely acquire knowledge through the stock available at Blenheim Book store.

  • 18

    Lion and the Unicorn Bookshop is for parents who are looking for a bookshop that stocks a wide variety of children's books. And while they are searching for what they like, you might want to indulge in some retail therapy of books yourself too!

  • 19

    John Sandoe Books is known for providing what most literature lovers demand for - a variety of quality books to choose from. This shop aptly caters to the idiosyncratic demand of those people.

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