How to Contact the Children Society in London

No doubt the government of London avails every chance and opportunity to serve the citizens so that they are not deprived of any sort of facility. In the similar manner they have made some social organizations whose focal aim is to help the Londoners who one way or the other has no one to take help from. Due to some personal issues or the environment of the house there are children who do not feel secure in their own home which is why they are forced to take some unreliable step. They might run away from home, hurt themselves or end up becoming drug addicts. Besides parents who though put huge sum of effort in order to make their children’s future secure but they fail. At that time parents and even children try to reach the children’s society who in London is considered among the trustworthy organizations. This article will explain you the proper channel through which the Children’s Society can be contacted.


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    There are several reasons due to which children, especially under the age of 18. They start taking harsh full steps and then they end up ruining their own life. But there are few main reasons like abusive violence or problems with drugs and alcohol, which they come across daily. The only way out they find is to run away from home. Instead of roaming around in the streets or looking for shelter the best way is to contact the Children’s Society and ask them to help you out. The helpline is only available for children below 18 years old. You can use the below given information in order to contact them:

    The Children’s Society

    Address: Edward Rudolf House, 69-85 Margery Street, London WC1X 0JL, United Kingdom, View Map
    +44 20 7841 4400, +44 845 300 1128
    Visit: The Children’s Society Website
    Email Address:

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    There are two ways to contact them either you can call them up and explain your location along with your condition, or personally visit at the organization.

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    They can also get in touch with you through text, email or calls it depends upon your convenience.

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    They also have their own website mentioned above which will completely explain you the procedure and the facilities along with the nature of help they will provide you.

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    After reaching at the center the society members will contact your parents and let them know that their child is safe. The calls and the entire communication between the children and the society along with being free will remain confidential.

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    If you are unable to find your missing friend child or relative even then you can call them up and ask for their assistance and help, they will definitely find a way out from the hassle.

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