How to Travel from London to Nottingham

The unitary authority of the East Midland of England, Nottingham city is 128 miles away from London.  It takes approximately 2 hours and 22 minutes to travel from London to Nottingham by a car. Besides representing the eight member of the English Core Cities Group it was also famous for having links with Robin Hood in the course of Industrial Revolution, such association was yet another reason for the eminence of this city.  Nottingham is exactly situated amid Lord Lieutenant’s areas of Nottingham shire. You can use any mean of transport, a car, bus or a train depending upon your feasibility.

You can also travel by air but to reach Nottingham your plan will have to land on the East Midlands Airport which is located at the Castle Donington, form there you will have to hire a cab or take a bus, train or tube to reach your actual destination. If you are planning a trip from London to Nottingham then this guide will definitely provide you with loads of relevant information.


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    Travel by Car:

    There is only one route available that will help you in crossing the borders of Nottingham in 2 hours and 22 minutes. You will have to use M1 highway and cover approximately 128 miles. If travelling appeals you, and you intend to cover the entire distance by making various stops of your choice in urge to explore several sites and attractions, then go ahead and take help from the Driving Directions from London to Nottingham.

    In order to remain away from any sort of inconvenience and uncertainty get your car’s fuel tank filled up before you head towards the highway. If you wish to hire a car then you can also take help form the car rental agencies, who will facilitate you with a ride of your choice.

    Sixt Car Hire London Battersea-Vauxhall
    Budget Car Hire London
    Chiswick Rent A Car Ltd

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    Travel by Bus:

    Usually people find it convenient to use public transport for travelling instead of driving on their own. Bus is yet another transport mean which cover the same route as the car does with less fares, but with additional time, due to various stops. From Victoria Coach Station London you will have to get your seats booked and reach Nottingham, Broad Marsh Bus Station, Bay 13 (on Canal Street). It will take 3 hours and 15 minutes without any stops. So if you wish to cross the borders of Nottingham as soon as possible then this route is quite ideal and appropriate.

    Besides getting your ticket booked you can also check the details of the route along with the rates form the websites alluded as follow:

    Visit National Express Website
    Visit Mega Bus Website
    Visit Transport Direct Website

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    Travel by Train

    Train is the only transport that will charge a reasonable amount and in next to no time you will find yourself in the premises of Nottingham. But before you initialize your journey, booking of ticket has to be done. Either get your seats booked from the station directly or you can also make use of the websites mentioned below to avail the facility of online booking.

    Visit Transport Direct Website
    Visit National Rail Website

    If you wish to reach Nottingham as soon as possible then get your seats booked from London St Pancras Train Station, the train will take about 1 hour and 44 minutes in reaching Nottingham.

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