Halloween Events in London

Halloween is one event when seeing a ghost or ghoul walking around is pretty normal. London is designed for Halloween with its spooky dungeons and narrow dark alleys. The English capital always been a home to Halloween events of the scariest sorts for all ages. Places like London Dungeon, Sea Life Aquarium and the London Eye hold special Halloween themed events and visitors flock to them dressed as witches, fairies and bloodthirsty ‘after death’ monsters. If you want to have the best┬árhythmical way, filled with lots of colours around then without any sort of doubt London is the best place.


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    Halloween always falls on the 31st of October. Events start a few days before the date and drag on after it. The origins of Halloween are still greatly debated upon. However, we do know for sure that Halloween is the eve of a Catholic festival "All Saints" which is celebrated on 1st November. Interestingly, it is also the eve of a Pagan festival known as Samhain.

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    From magic shows, to haunted movies in cinemas, dark night clubs with the dead stalking you, Halloween knocks on London with full blast. With pumpkin lanterns lined up the way, Londoners flock to party places dressed in costumes especially designed for the day. They do their best to scare each other, both with the costumes and the often made up haunting stories. Skulls and masks replace human faces. Restaurants in the city also change their theme accordingly with Halloween.

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    Important Dates:

    Halloween is celebrated on 31st October each year, with people eagerly waiting to wear their costumes and go out to haunt and 'hunt'.

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    Halloween celebrations start days before 31st October and the parties continue till early November. However, the main day ofcourse is 31st October itself and most events are lined up on this day.

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    Best places to be on Halloween:

    Halloween themed events and shows are held at different places across London. The notable ones of these are London Dungeon, Sea Life Aquarium , London Bridge experience and the London Eye.

    One of the most amazing places to celebrate Halloween is the London Dungeon. London Dungeon offers rides to hell, a drop to doom and a tombstone place in its own premises. Being a museum originally with strong reminders of the 'dead', the dungeon is the perfect place to spend Halloween at.

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