List of Mexican Restaurants in London

Mexican cuisines are known for its colourful decoration, distinguished flavours and variety of spices. Due to uniqueness, Mexican restaurants are very popular in London. Mostly people in London are very conscious about their diet and health which makes Mexican dishes ideal for them due to its commonly used ingredients in most of the recipes like corn, beans, honey and different kinds of herbs. On top of that, the taste of the Mexican restaurants is wonderful.

If you have not tried any Mexican cuisine yet or looking for some of the best places in London, the article will help you to find best Mexican restaurants in the city. Simply scroll down and pick the one which you believe is going to suit you the best.


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    Las Iguanas

    Is one of the top Mexican restaurants in London which not only provides traditional dishes with great taste, the service of the place is quick, efficient and well-organized.

    Las iguanas
  • 2

    La Perla Bar

    Is a classic d├ęcor with a bustling bar and Mexican restaurant on the ground floor. La Perla Bar provides all sorts of Mexican dishes in the traditional style.

    La Perla
  • 3

    Viva La Vida

    Is one of the finest restaurants in London which specializes in Mexican recopies. The environment of the place and taste provides value for the money.

    viva la vida
  • 4

    Chimi Changa

    Brings the traditional Mexican table to the city of London. Form cooking to serving on the table, everything is done in Mexican style.

  • 5

    El Poco Mexico Ltd

    Provides the best experience of exotic Mexican dishes. You can find the uniqueness and colourful representation of the Mexican Cuisine at El Poco Mexico.

    El Pcoc
  • 6


    Is a renowned Mexican restaurant in London which is located at the Canada Square. The prices of the dishes at Wahaca are competitive and the taste is just incredible.

  • 7


    Is one of the best Mexican restaurants in London which not only provides traditional dishes, the ambience of the place is purely designed in Mexican decor. You can also book the place for big functions or parties.

  • 8


    Is a must visit place especially if you are looking for one of the best Mexican restaurants in London. Lupita offers mouthwatering flavours and delicious recipes in a complete Mexican style.

  • 9


    Offers different types of Cuisines including Mexican. The place is well structured and the food is incredibly delicious that increases the demand of the restaurant.


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