How to Buy Glade Festival Tickets in London

Electronic Music has moved from the underground to the main stream in recent years. In the early days dance parties that had electronic music usually used a warehouse or uninhabited area. This is the type of look and feel that the Glade Festival tries to portray. The event is considered by many United Kingdom’s premier electronic music festival and has won awards for its creativity, music and events. The festival takes place in an open space that allows fan to listen to different electronic artists and DJ’s play their amped up music. The independent Glade festival is all about freedom and fun and gives its fans a chance to party all weekend long with different genres of electronic music.

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    The Glade festival had launched the humble beginnings with just one stage at the Glastonbury Festival, which is a performing arts event. The popularity of the stage's drum and beats sound prompted a separate festival being organized for electronic music fans in 2004. Wasing Estate was the original location for the festival but licensing issues and weather conditions led to a change in venue by 2009. The current event venue is now Matterley Bowl. The event has become extremely popular and well regarded since its beginnings and has won Best Dance Festival award in 2008.

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    The event has 14 different stages set up for performances. Each area will be linked to a different genre or category. Some of the stages are also linked to talks, lectures and question and answer sessions with futuristic philosopers and thinkers. The festival also has art installations, circus shows, cabaret numbers and a healing area.

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    Important Dates

    Summer - June or July

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    Glade Festival lasts for three days.

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    How to Contact

    Getting in touch with the Glade Festival team is pretty easy. You can use any of the following information:

    General Enquiry:
    Media Enquiry:

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    Houghton Hall, King's Lynn, Norfolk PE31 6UE, United Kingdom

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    In order purchase tickets click here.

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    How to get There

    The location selected for this event has been the main headline or attracting part of this festive. People who are interested to enjoy the non stop rocking metal and other musical performances have to manage on a personal car, with friends who are music goers.

    Tube, tram or bus service are not available to this area as the soul purpose of the event was to provide the music lover with an atmosphere where they should forget about all the worries their daily life.

    For better understanding about directions to reach to the destination View Map.

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