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Morrison Supermarkets were founded by William Morrison in 1899, but later on, his son took over the responsibility of the company in 1952. The company was listed in London Stock Exchange and became a public limited company in 1967. Morrioson Supermarkets are the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in United Kingdom, and the company owns 455 superstores all over country. Morrisons  previously operated in North England, but in 2004, it acquired “Safeway”, which was a British chain of supermarkets and with the passage of time, 479 stores were added to its ownership. The Morrisons Stores have been awarded with many certifications and awards during the last ten years, which include awards of The Best Food service, Store manager Of the year, Best New Ice Cream/Ice Cream Dessert product and many others.

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    Head Office of Morrisons Store:

    The headquarter is located in Bradford, West Yorkshire England.

    Location: Westgate John Street Market, 60 Westgate, Bradford BD1 3SR
    Telephone: +44 1274 727288

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    Other branches of Morrisons Stores in London:

    Morrisons Stores are not providing online shopping facilities, but for the ease of customers several branches are located in various parts of London city.


    Location: 264 Walworth Road,Southwark, Greater London, SE17 1JE, United Kingdom. View map
    Telephone: +44207 7035116


    Location: Chalk Farm Road, Camden, NW1 8AA, United Kingdom. View map
    Telephone: +4420 7428 0405


    Location: Butterfly Walk, Greater London SE5 8RW, United Kingdom. View map
    Telephone: +44207 7033038


    Location: Aylesham Centre Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15 5EW, United Kingdom. View map
    Telephone: +4420 7732 3518


    Location: 10 Hertslet Road, Holloway, N7 6PL, United Kingdom. View map
    Telephone: +4420 7700 4744

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    Operational Hours:

    Morrison Stores have different operational hours in their various stores in London. For more information, visit the following link.

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    Careers at Morrisons Stores in London:

    To be a part of Morisson's team, you can apply directly on the following link, to watch out for the latest vacancies.

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    How to get to the head office:

    By bus

    The nearest bus station to Morisson Store is Bradford City Centre, W1 Westgate (NW-bound). Move Northwest to Westgate/A6181 to Rawson road and you will find your destination. View map

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