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Royal Holloway has built a splendid reputation in the field of teaching and research and is considered to be one of the renowned colleges of the University of London. A research based institution which is known for its excellence in research various fields of arts, humanities and sciences, Royal Holloway is a place where students can discover themselves and bring something new and innovative in the society. Research students, and particularly leading academics throughout the world, come to Royal Holloway because of its vibrant research community. In addition, there is also collaboration with other international universities, industries, charities and public agencies on different research projects.


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    Courses Offered by Royal Holloway

    Royal Holloway comprises of three faculties which include; arts and social sciences, management and economics, and sciences under its academic departments, research groups and centers. The university offers undergraduate and post graduate courses. There are numerous professional, technical and administrative services for academic staff, visitors and other clients.

    Undergraduate Programs

    Royal Holloway University provides quality education in its undergraduate programs and offers a variety of courses ranging from arts, sciences and business studies. The university offers a three year degree program, but in some subjects, it also offers four year degree program.

    Postgraduate Programs

    Royal Holloway University offers postgraduate programs in a diverse range of subjects with the strong professional bias of a competent faculty. The university offers 12 month Master degree (MA, Msc & MBA), and for postgraduate research degrees(MPhill & Phd), and it usually takes three to four years.

    Research degrees

    Royal Holloway University is considered to be the largest research institution in UK's leading research institutions. The university is well known for its research programs. The intake of research degrees at Royal Holloway University usually starts in September or January. Initially, students are registered for an MPhill degree but after a year, they are transferred to the Phd program. The duration for Phd is three years for full time students, but for part time students, it is completed in six years.

    In order to have complete information on the courses offered at the Royal Holloway University, click here.

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    Application Procedure

    For undergraduate courses:

    Royal Holloway has made online facility through the Universities and Colleges’ Admission Services (UCAS) for the applications of their undergraduate degree courses.

    Once you are done with the application process,  it is necessary to arrange your entire financial requirement for the particular course and accommodation and be careful about the deadlines.

    For postgraduate courses:

    There is a different procedure for applying to postgraduate degrees at Royal Holloway, University of London. Applications are made directly to the college for postgraduate degree, and you can apply for the postgraduate course even before the completion of your undergraduate degree.

    There is no specific deadline for postgraduate applications, but the college administration closes admissions when they receive more than the required applications. All the students who are interested in studying postgraduate courses should apply before April.

    For research degrees:

    You can apply online for the research degree at Royal Holloway University. An applicant must be a first class honour or 2:1 degree from a recognized UK or international university.

    For any further query, feel free to contact the admission office at In order to have complete information on entry requirements and application process, visit the following link.

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    Fee, Finance and Funding

    You can find very useful information in this section on the cost of studying in the Royal Holloway. In addition, you can also have information on scholarships and their eligibility criterion.

    Undergraduate Tuition fees

    The university has categorized the fee structure into four different parts. International students have to pay higher fees for their undergraduate academic degree courses as compared to students from UK and European Union, Channel Islands and Isle of Man and students who spend an year abroad or in an industry.

    Postgraduate Tuition fees

    There is an annual tuition fee for postgraduate courses in the Royal Holloway University. The fee structure varies on the basis of whether you are an international or a UK or EU student. There is a reasonable discount on early payment of your dues, while the university charges approximately half tuition fees for part time.

    Research Degree fees

    Fees for research degree vary according to department in which you are studying. You can get a discount on early payment of full fee.

    For complete information on fees & funding, click here

    International Scholarships

    The university offers a number of scholarships for international students. The university also collaborates with agencies that provide sufficient funds for scholarships for international students to study in UK.

    Click here for detailed information on international scholarships.

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    Royal Holloway, University of London provides a conducive environment to all the students. There is on campus accommodation near the campus which is readily available for the students and there is also availability student support and advisory services, which is helpful in enhancing student experience in the campus. Any student can come in and take fruitful advice regarding general student living and other issues. The support and advisory services offer a variety of student welfare programs which include career services, childcare support, halls of residence support, educational support service, faith support, financial advice, on campus health center, international student support and student counseling services.

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    Royal Holloway, University of London Campus

    The college made an investment of £100 million on the redevelopment on its campus between 2002 to 2008. Because of its huge size, the college administration has been able to develop the best sport facilities and make its good name and reputation as a sporting institution of excellence.

    College postal address

    Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham Hill, EGHAM, TW20 0EX, United Kingdom.

    Telephone number

    UK: +44 1784 434455
    International: +44 1784 434455

    Visit Royal Holloway, University of London Website

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    Contact details of Royal Holloway, University Of London Campus

    In order to get more information, you can personally visit the university campus or contact them through phone, fax and email.
    College postal address
    Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham Hill EGHAM, TW20 0EX United Kingdom.
    Telephone number
    UK: +44 1784 434455
    International: +44 1784 434455
    Fax number
    UK: +44 1784 437520
    International: +44 1784 437520

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    How to get Royal Holloway University of London Campus

    The main campus of Royal Holloway is located in Surrey, which is at a distance of 19 miles from central London. Although there is no nearest tube station but you can reach the university by bus.

    By Bus:

    The nearest bus station to the university is Englefield Green. You can find buses number 2, 3, 51, 71, 441, 500 and 695 to reach the university. Move southwest on Egham Hill/A30, turn left and your destination will be on the right. View map

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