List of Boating Accident Lawyers in London

Every weekend, docks of London are filled with board ferries and boats. They either make their way to destinations for short vacations or to enjoy the sea air. Boating is not a fun game though but these carefree pursuits can become the target of mishaps and accidents. Most disputes can be solved by insurance companies. However, there are many complications involved in boat accidents because it may take place in international waters. The laws of most countries usually extend only 20 to 30 miles offshore. In such a scenario, you will need a boat accident lawyer to file a case. Boat accident lawyers in London usually have specialised experience in dealing with international law, maritime law and insurance companies and can be valuable assets in a case.


  • 1

    Right Solicitors, are Commercial ship and boat accident law firm which have a specialised lawyers with hand on experience in marine accidentals.

  • 2

    BEN Macfarlane & Co, offer services in marine disputes, marine liabilitiesand boat accidents. They have a team of expert lawyers that provides proper guidance to each client.

  • 3

    The Accident Specialists, have a specialist team of lawyers to help the people who have probelm in accidents. They are specialised in dealing, boat accidents, car accidents, and personal injury claims.

  • 4

    Innocent Injured, is a set of qualified lawyers in the field of accident claims and compensations. They deal in boat accidents, road accidents, personal injuries and work accidents.

  • 5

    Clyde & Co, is a long standing law firm that was formed with the combination of two different firms. The firm offers its quality services in boat accident lawyers.

  • 6

    OP Law, was founded in 1995 and since then has managed to enter their name in some of the top accident claim lawyer of the London. They provide the highest standard of services in motor vehicle accidents.

  • 7

    Sunrise Solicitors, is a firm of specialised lawyer who deals in all kind of accident related issues. They are specially dealing in boat accident, car accident, motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries.

  • 8

    Accident Claim Lawyers, is a  accident specialist law firm offering its services to Londoners particularly in the field of boat accidents, motor vehicle accidents, car accidents and other work and home accidents.

  • 9

    Norton Rose LLP, deals in almost all services including different sectors of shipping including boat accidents and injuries.

  • 10

    Accidents Direct, has a qualified lawyers with hand on experience in the field of accidental claims, including boat accidents, car accidents, motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury claims.

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