London Marathon Race

The London Marathon Race is the longest distance running event and also one of the biggest events of its type in this world that takes place annually in the British capital. This event is organised by David Bedford who is among the record holder in 10,000 metre race and now the Director of this race together with Chief Executive, Nivk Bitel. Due to the efforts of these to brilliant persons London Marathon Race has been able to register its 32nd edition in 2012 and now looking forward to its 33rd edition. This marathon is run over a distance of 42.195 kilometres and it is one of the most important occasions in the sporting calendar of London. For the reason that it is also one of the biggest charity fund raising program in the globe that has raised 420 million pounds in its first ever race back in 1981 and made a Guinness World record. The charitable amount touched new high £47.2 million in 2009, which makes it one of its kinds. The course of this race changed quite a few times, but for the past few years it begins from three various points around Blackheath and comes to an end in The Mall located next to St. James’s Park.

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    The first London Marathon Race was organised way back on March 29, 1981, in which over 20,000 people had applied to run, but only 6,747 were selected and out of them 6,255 runners were able to cross the finish line. Whereas the first ever wheel chair Marathon took place in 1983 that helped a lot in removing the stigma attached with disabled athletes. This great event was founded by former Olympian, Chris Brasher, who was a champion and also a journalist along with John Disley a Welsh athlete.

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    London Maarthon Race is great festivity time in the British capital, as thousands of spectators gathered to see this amazing event. Londoners dress casually for this event and get to the starting point of this race from different means. During this event different food and drinks stalls are also set up so the spectators could also take pleasure in a variety of eating items and beverages.

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    Important Dates:

    Summers – April (every year this event is announced before March).

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    The duration of London Marathon Race is one day.

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    How to Contact:

    People, who have any queries related London Marathon Race can, get in touch with the organisers of this event by dialling the telephone number given below or send message from here.

    General Enquiries: +44 20 7902 0200
    Advertising: +44 20 7902 0200

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    Blackheath, London United Kingdom.

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    How to get there:

    By Tram

    Since there is no tube station in the one mile region of Blackheath Hill Road therefore tram is the viable option for the spectators of the London Marathon Race to view this event. Elverson Road Tram Station is about 0.5 miles away from this point and this gap between these two points can be covered by walk in about 11 minutes. Visitors should head northeast on Coldbath Street after getting off at the Elverson Road tube station and continue onto Russett Way. Then, turn right from Russett Way to Quince Road, which will lead the visitors to left turn onto Lewisham Road/A2211. Then, turn right onto Sparta Street, turn left towards Blackheath Hill/A2 and visitors will reach their destination after making a few turns on Blackheath Hill/A2. View Map

    By Bus

    Bus users can use these bus numbers 53 and 386 to arrive at Greenwich, Wat Tyler Road (Stop K), which is the nearest bus stop to Blackheath Hill, just 0.1 mile away from it.

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