How to Get Madagascar Tourist Visit Visa from London

The Embassy of Madagascar has closed its operations in the United Kingdom from 23/02/2011. Therefore, all visas for a stay of up to 90 days are granted at the airport on arrival in Madagascar. The small nation is basically an island country that is located in the Indian Ocean off the south-eastern coast of Africa. Although Madagascar has a decent development strategy that focuses more on agriculture, greater investments in education, health, private enterprise and expansion of international trade but the tourism sector in country is still underdeveloped. However, the country has high potential for tourism as it has endemic wildlife, forests, biodiversity and last but certainly not the least spellbinding beaches. People in London or UK, who wish to explore Madagascar, can get tourist visa by following step by step guide below.


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    For stay up to 30 days

    Madagascar has changed its tourist policy from April 2009. Now, any visitor from any country can visit Madagascar without any visa if not want to stay for more than 30 days. Visa will be given on arrival at the airport after filling a a small form. The only requirement for 30 days stay is that you have a valid passport for the next half year.

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    For Stay up to 90 days

    The basic requirement to obtain a visa for a stay of up to 90 days in Madagascar is as:

    Tourist will need valid passport and the availability of free pages for visa stamp or sticker. To get further details about getting Madagascar visa from London for stay up to 90 contact Madagascan Embassy in France.

    Visit: Consulat Général de Madagascar

    People, who want to stay for more than 90 days in Madagascar, have to apply for all such types of visas at the Madagascan Embassy in France.

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    Fees for Madagascar tourist visas are £40 for single-entry and £50 for multiple-entry.

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    Check List

    Before flying to Madagascar it is recommended that every tourist should once again go through his or her documents so they wouldn't face visa rejection upon arrival after taking a long journey.

    a)      So re-check your passport free pages and make sure that it should be valid.

    b)      It always good to get a insurance policy before going abroad as it provides not only coverage for your health but also covers your luggage. Therefore, check that you have bought a travel insurance policy.

    c)       Since it's an African country therefore, don't forget to carry lots of DEET based insect repellent.

    d)      Also consider an anti-malaria prescription program as well.

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    Things Tourists are Allowed to Carry with Them

    a)      Tourists can take their usual luggage with them, which will comprise of different clothing as per the weather of Madagascar.

    b)      As it's a typical African country so you can also carry sandal and running shoes with you.

    c)       Tourists can also bring along with them small torch and its batteries.

    d)      Toiletries are quite expensive in Madagascar so its better to bring them along with you.

    e)      Medicines are also allowed to carry but in a reasonable quantity.

    f)       You can also bring a mosquito net and small first aid kit for emergency.

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