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The University of London which originally started as  West Ham Technical Institute in 1898 is now a reputed name in higher education. As the university grew, it evolved into the North East London Polytechnic in 1970 and finally gained univeristy status in 1997. UEL is now spread across New Ham in two campuses, i.e. in Stratford and Docklands. The public university currently has 28,000 students  and over a 1000 members on staff. Today UEL offers courses in both undergraduate and graduate fields and have more than 250 programmes of study. The university has seen dramatic growth in reputation and prestige over the years. It is usually considered as the top modern university in London and has increased its standing in research fields. The university campuses are located in the rapidly developing East London area.


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    University of East London Offers more than 250 degree programs:

    Undergraduate Programs

    Bulk of students are enrolled in the undergraduate programs at UEL. The extensive options of studies to choose from give students a very good choice. To get a better idea of what programs are on offer, you click here.

    Postgraduate Programs

    For students who already have a bachelors degree and wish to pursue further higher studies, the University of East London has a large postgraduate program. To get a glimpse of whats on offer,  follow this link.

    Research Studies

    Research based studies keep any university on the cutting edge. UEL offers numerous research based courses for students who wish to pursue them. To get a list of what is available, click here.

    If you wish to apply to any of the undergraduate, graduate or research based study programs you will need to apply to the university first. You can pick up a Prospectus and Application forms online as well.

    Distance Learning Programs

    UEL also gives its student the distance learning opportunity. Students can use technology to study and work towards a degree from any location they choose. To get more details click here.

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    Application Procedure:

    How to Apply for Admission

    When seeking admission to UEL, prospective students must first figure out what degree programs they wish to enter. Once you have done this, you should gather all your educational documents and any other references and experience letters. You can then proceed to filling out the application which can be found online here. Fill out all the required fields correctly and completely so that there is no delay in processing your application.

    Credit Hour Transfers

    Credit transfers are done on a case by case basis and you will need to contact the admission staff in order to get details on your specific details.

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    Fees, Finance & Funding:

    Fee Structure

    The University of East London charges fees according to the course that a student is taking. The fee structure is based on a the number of credit hours being taken and the status of student. In most cases, British citizens have lower fees and have a chance to get loans or scholarships to cover cost of tuition. International students have a separate fee structure. To get complete details of the fees go to this link.

    Scholarships and Burseries

    UEL offers numerous different scholarships for local and international students. The types of funding provided are based on the awarding body and it is a good idea to figure out if you qualify before applying. A good start to checking out UEL scholarships programs is to go here.

    Student Loan

    The Students Services staff help UEL students figure out how to apply for loans and other sources of funds for their education. The loans can cover 100% of the educational fees and do not need to be paid back until after finishing school. The specific details for UEL can be found here.

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    Facilities at University of East London:

    UEL is an internationally recognized educational institute and its facilities are world class. The two separate campuses have libraries, sports fields, study rooms, dorms and child care facilities. There also canteens plus a bar on campus. There is also a clinic on campus and hospitals close to the university.

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    University of East London Campuses:

    UEL has two main campuses which are both located in East London. The Docklands campus is the newer of the two and has some state of the art facilities and buildings.

    University of East London (London Docklands Campus)
    Location: Docklands Campus, University Way, London E16 2RD, United Kingdom. View Map
    Contact: +44 20 8223 3000 ‎

    University of East London (Stratford Campus)
    Location: Water Lane, London , E15 4LZ, United Kingdom. View Map
    Contact: +44 20 8223 3000

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    Contact Numbers of University of East London:

    UEL and its different administrative departments can be contact by phone, fax or email. You can also send a written letter to the mailing address of the university.

    University of East London

    Docklands Campus, University Way, London, E16 2RD
    Contact: +44 20 8223 3000
    University of East London website

    Admissions and Applicant Enquiries

    Telephone: +44 20 8223 3333

    International Office

    Telephone: +44 20 8223 2805

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    How to Get to University of East London:

    By Tube or Light Rail (DLR): The Cyprus DLR stop drops off passengers in front of the university's Dockland campus. The Stratford campus has more options and commuters can use Stratford station which has over and underground transport stops.

    By Bus: To reach the Docklands campus, individuals can take the 101, 173, 262, 300, 366, 376, 474 and N551. On the other hand, to reach the Stratford Campus you will need to take the 25, 69, 86, 104, 108, 158, 238, 241, 257, 262, 276, 308, 425, or D8 bus route.

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