How to Get Aruba Tourist Visit Visa from London

Aruba is an island nation in the south Caribbean sea is one of the four constituent countries of the kingdom of Netherlands. British tourists visit Aruba for the Water sports, fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, and relaxing along the gorgeous coastline of Aruba. Enjoying the delightful carnival with music, dance and glitter gives a memorable experience to tourists coming all the way from Britain. The wonderful culture is depicted in the food, architecture, celebrations of this Caribbean island. If you are planning a serene and relaxing holiday in Aruba from London then you should go through the below step by step how to get a tourist visa for the always popular vacation destination, Aruba.

Visit: Embassy of Aruba in London


  • 1

    British Nationals

    British Nationals do not need a visa to enter Aruba for a period of up to 3 months. Although a valid passport is a must for entry in Aruba.

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    Other Nationals

    Nationals with Visa Exemption

    Some Nationals are exempted from a visa requirement. Visit the Aruba Foreign Affairs website to see the list of citizens exempted from a visa requirement.

    Nationals without any Exemption

    Citizens of all other countries must have a visa for entering Aruba.

  • 3

    Visa Requirements

    Below are some documents required by the Embassy of Aruba to issue a visa.

    a) A completely filled and signed application form

    b) A minimum of 3-months valid passport

    c) A copy of the resident permit in case somebody is residing in foreign country

    d) Proof of last three months salary and bank statement in original and photocopy both

    e) Any other document required by the Embassy

  • 4

    Applying for a visa

    You have to visit the Embassy of Aruba in London to apply for the visa.

  • 5

    Visa Processing Time and fees

    The visa processing time can be confirmed from the embassy. However, the visa fees required by embassy of Aruba is shown below.

    a)       Single entry with a maximum stay of 30 days in a sequence= $ 1000

    b)       Single entry with a stay of maximum 90 days in a sequence= $ 1500

    c)       Multiple entries for a maximum 30 days period=  $ 1500

    d)       Multiple entries for a maximum 90 days period= $ 2000

    e)       Multiple entries for a period of maximum 90 days within one year= $ 4000

    For updated fees, visit the Aruba foreign affairs website.

  • 6

    Collection Of Visa

    You will be required to visit the Embassy of Aruba to collect your passport after visa processing is done by the embassy.

  • 7

    Final Checklist of Things to take to Aruba

    Below are some items that you should take to Aruba.

    a) Valid credit card

    b) All required documents

    c) Complete information about your accommodation and travel itinerary

    d) Medicines if you take any

    e) Sufficient funds for your stay

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