List of Picnic Parks in London

There’s nothing better after a strenuously tiring day at work than to grab your picnic basket, fill it with snacks and sandwiches (home-made, preferably) and go visit one of the many parks that London is so famous for providing. This includes the eight Royal Parks that were originally built for hunting purposes. But now, you will see people strolling, relaxing and having a picnic with their friends and family, as well as spending some time alone to soothe the mind and body while munchin’ on some lunchin’. But finding parks that are compliment a relaxing picnic in their hearts is not easy, however, this article will list parks in London for picnics that will sure have you returning again after a healthy, serene experience once.


  • 1

    Southwark Park is based in the Borough of Southwark, catering to people who come for jogging, walking, and to relax in the serenity that it provides.

  • 2

    Adelaide Road Nature Reserve is the place to visit if you are fond of having a picnic in the wild shrubs or near ponds

  • 3

    Greenwich Park offers variety in terms of the facilities provided, besides promising breath-taking views. A great spot if you want to have a picnic with friends and family.

  • 4

    Victoria Park has an open space where children can run and play before finally having a family picnic under a sunny bright sky.

  • 5

    Regent's Park is one of the 8 Royal Parks and offers scenic areas as people throng them, some for jogging and some for dog walking while children play and others have picnics.

  • 6

    Richmond Park is the largest of the Royal Parks and offers a serene environment where people come for picnics, munching on the snacks as people jogging and walk go past by.

  • 7

    Kensington Gardens is also one of the Royal Parks, promising a tranquil environment in which people can come for having picnics under the shades of trees.

  • 8

    Bushy Park is the second largest of the Royal Parks after the Richmond Park that has a large space that is covered by trees and well-kept bushes/grass with beautiful landscaping.

  • 9

    Paddington Recreation Ground is one of those parks that London hides in the center of its heart, embracing the tranquility that the park offers, besides offering a variety of places within the park that you can have a picnic at.

  • 10

    Brockwell Park has a large area of 50.8 hectares that has a lot places for you to choose a spot and enjoy a picnic at!

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