Things to Do Indoors in London

The capital of United Kingdom is notorious for sudden sprinkle and rain which encourages the people of London to enjoy indoor activities.  There are a lot of interesting and fun indoor things to do in London. From visiting world’s best museums and galleries to spending an evening in a number of celebrated historic pubs and bars, the capital of UK provides one of the best indoor activity experiences around the world.  If you are interested in knowing some of the best indoor things to do in London, the article will help you in making your search easier.


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    Museums and Galleries

    London museums and galleries contain some of the most distinguished pieces of art and history in the world and is also a home to many museums. From the prominent British Museum to newly opened Tate Modern Art Gallery, there is something exciting for the people of all age groups. The most important thing is that the galleries and museums are free to visit until there is some special exhibition going on. Making a visit to a museum or gallery is one of the best indoor activities in London.

    Here is a list of some of the famous museums in the capital of United Kingdom.

    The British Museum
    Imperial War Museum
    London Transport Museum

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    Visit a historical London Pub

    London is a place surrounded with thousands of pubs which carries historical values within themselves. The Pubs are a special place to rest in for food and drinks and is one of the famous indoor activities of the Londoners.

    Here is a list of some historical London Pubs.
    The Hoop & Grapes
    The Red Lion
    The Lamb

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    Indoor Ice Skating

    Although, outdoor ice-skating is not always favourable in winters in London due to cold weather and heavy snow. However, many artificial indoor ice-rinks are available in the capital of United Kingdom which makes it easier to enjoy ice-skating in winters.

    Here is a list of some of the indoor ice-skating rinks in London.
    Streatham Ice Arena
    Alexandra Palace
    Queens Ice and Bowl

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    Head to a movie theater

    In winters,nothing is better than sitting in a warm and cozy place and enjoying your favourite movie on a big screen. In London, the movie theaters are normally warm and heated from the inside and you can spend 2-3 hours with your family or friends to stay out of the cold weather.

    Some of the popular movie theater are listed below.
    Odeon Cinema
    Vue Entertainment
    Konditor & Cook, Curzon Soho

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    Host a party at home

    If you don't want to go out in winters and want to do something fun at your home, a good idea is to host a party. Prepare special foods and drinks for winters and play board games like chess, monopoly e.etc with your friend and family members.

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