London 2012 Olympic Games

The modern Olympics games have been staged in different cities around the world every four years. In 2012, The Summer Olympics will be coming to London along with fans and athletes. London has played host to the Olympics twice before and has won the right to the games again this year. The city of London created the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) to oversee all aspects of the build up to the games. The British government has budgeted £5.3 billion for the construction of venues and infrastructure.

This has also been linked with a regeneration budget for parts of London which has been received positively by the public. LOCOG has tried moving away from previous Olympic pitfalls by devising plans that not only help uplift the economy of London but also deliver sustainable goals. This means that LOCOG used the existing buildings for the current games, and created new ones that can be used for other purposes after the games end. On one end this is expected to save money and on other, the Games are supposed to bring opportunities for Londoners to earn from Olympics.

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    Torch Relay

    The Olympic torch is a symbol that has inspired many nations and athletes for years. The event is a commemoration of humans stealing fire from the Greek God Zeus. Just like all Olympic mega events, the Olympic torch relay is set to end right before the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and the games will start when the final runner will make it to the stadium to light the large Olympic flame.

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    Opening & Closing Ceremonies

    Every Olympic game kicks off with a spectacular display on the opening ceremonies. This is usually the most watched event of the games as every nation tries to out do each other in presentation and fanfare. The games also ends with another farewell display. The opening and closing ceremonies for the London 2012 Olympics will take place in the Olympic Park, and TV channels from across the continents will broadcast the event live.

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    Participating Countries

    The London Olympics will feature 28 sports with athletes from 204 countries. The participating countries in 2012 Olympics have carefully selected the best performers in various sports in the hopes of getting a podium finish.

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    Logo & Mascots

    The London Olympics Logo has also made news around the world. The unique design has drawn criticism from some quarters, while others have appreciated the new look. Wenlock, the 2012 London Olympics mascot, has an interesting story behind his creation. This year it will be introduced, along with the paralympics mascot as a team.

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    The organizing committee of the London Olympics has worked hard to deliver a schedule of events that meet the Olympic requiremtns. The committee has only a couple of weeks to stage all events across London.

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    The venues to be used for the London Olympic games are spread across London. The center point will be the Olympic park which will have the opening and closing ceremonies.

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    Tickets & Entry

    Tickets for the different events of the Olympic games are hot items. The London Olympics used a balloting system and online forms to distribute 2012 Olympics tickets fairly among fans.

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    Disabled Access

    The Olympic and Paralympic games try to incorporate disabled individuals into every event. That is why all venues have well thought out disabled access in Olympic games.

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    Accommodation Facilities

    Fans and spectators who want to enjoy the London Olympics will need to stay close to the different venues across the British Capital. London hotels and accommodation have geared up to provide top notch services to the large crowds that are expected to stay in the city.

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    Food Guide for 2012 London Olympics

    The Olympic games are an event that bring together people from around the world in large numbers. Organizers have to make sure that the restaurants and cafes in the city and Olympic venue are capable of supporting those groups of people. Fans should expect to get a chance to taste cuisines from around the world that will enhance their culinary experience.

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    How to Get to Venues

    The city of London has been divided into three areas called Olympic Zone, the River Zone and the Central Zone. The different zones contain the many venues that will be used for the athletic events. Each area has been made accessible by public transport, including tube and bus so that fans can get to see their favourite athletes with out delay.

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    Spectators’ Safety & Security

    The London Olympics are taking place during a time when the global fraternity is concerned about safety and security in Olympic games. That is why the government of the United Kingdom and the Olympic organizers have made sure that all measures are taken to ensure that fans, athletes and delegates are safe.

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    London Olympics and Paralympics Village

    The London Olympics and Paralympics Village were built to accommodate the athletes and delegates from around the world. The apartments are also accompanied by shops, restaurants, clinics and media rooms.

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    Watching Olympics Live & on TV

    The Olympics are one of the most widely watched events in the world. The games have a following in every country and city. Most people can watch 2012 Olympics on TV, while some lucky fans will get a chance to view the games live at the stadiums.

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    About Organizers  (British Olympics Association & British Paralympics Association)

    The participation and training of UK athletes is undertaken by the British Olympics Association. Similarly, disabled athletes from the United Kingdom are the responsibility of the British Paralympics Associations. These athlete organizers take care of all tasks relating to the participation of athletes in the summer, winter and youth Olympic Games.

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    The London Olympic games have two needs that required financing. The first aspect was the construction of venues and facilities and these were done through government funds. The next was the actual operation and running of the games which was done through private funding.

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    The 2012 London Olympics games will be an enormous undertaking and will require extensive manpower. Most people will be hired by the organizers on contract basis to cover the many needs of the venues and games. However, there is still a need for volunteering in Olympics to help keep the event organized and safe.

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    Advertising & Sponsoring

    The London Olympics will cost millions of dollars and that money needs to come from somewhere. A large chunk of it will come from the many different sponsors and advertisers that showcase their brands to a large global audience. For interested parties, here is a guide on how to become Olympic games sponsor.

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