Unique Experiences in London

The city of dreams, London comes amid those places which are famous due to historical backgrounds, development and beauty’s perspective. This famous yet old city of United Kingdom is also attractive among tourists and travelers, who intend to spend few leisure days and wish to acquire thrilling and electrifying experience, or people who plan to go for a vacation in a clam, in-spite of that, enjoyable location, head towards the capital city of Britain. If you being a Londoner or a visitor of this beautiful area of Europe, are confused and startled on how to acquire unique experience in London, then you can definitely attain massive help form the guide given in this article. London is a huge city which contains several such locations where unique activities takes place, that will provide a you to glimpse breath holding scenes. So get yourself ready and see which location you would prefer to visit first and gain a thrilling and spine-tingling experience.


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    London pedal powered wine tasting tours:

    As the name tells, it surely is a distinctive activity which can only be introduced in the city of beer and wine lovers London. A 1.5 hour trip will be arranged on a 10 seated pedal powered Pedibus. This unique leisure interest is held in the Borough Market area. Along with some aged wine tasting you will also acquire a trip of London’s vibrant areas.

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    Dinner in the Sky London:

    Have you ever experienced such a moment when your dinning table decorated with some scrumptious meal is suspended at the height of 50 meters from the ground. No, then do give Dinner in the Sky a chance to host a dinner for you, which will give you goose-bumps. An 8 hour session is scheduled, but if you wish to have a personal dine-in facility then that is also provided according to your requirement. Approximately 22 people are served with delicious food by three staff standing in the middle.

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    At 54 Stowe Road, Shepherds Bush, London you will be asked to take charge of an area and keep yourself secure from enemy eyes. Those were old days when soldiers had to hide behind the trees and bushes in order to acquire victory over their opponents. But this war field will set itself fire when team members from a double-decker bus will push their trigger and fire (splash color out of the fake guns). Several themed scenarios will be provided, it’s up to you whether you intend to save your life from the creepiness of mummies hidden in pyramids, or blast in the Afghan Fort.

  • 4

    Horse Riding in London

    In the premises of London if you desire to take part in a calm and composed activity, then head towards Wimbledon village, and take a ride on horses related to beautiful pedigree. Wimbledon Village Stables not only provide teaching, but under expert’s supervision you can also have an exciting ride.

  • 5

    Urban Freeflow Classes

    Are you in a mood to unleash the monkey in you (Eye-Blinking Smile)? If yes, then admit yourself in the Urban Freeflow Class. Some highly talented skillful move makers will teach you how to do Freerun and Parkour. By keeping in mind perfect precautionary measures you will learn a very unique talent which is now quite popular all over the world.

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    Ice Climbing:

    Ice climbing in London! Yes, this unusual leisure interest takes place in the Saab Ice Wall / Vertical Chill. Experts will teach you the accurate skills of climbing and after covering the required distance you can also plant a flag to enjoy your victorious journey.

  • 7

    London Rat Race Urban Adventure:

    One Adventure compromising of several voyages is the exact explanation of London Rat Race Urban Adventure. Every team consisting of three competitors will have to compete against other teams in a race which will instruct them to climb, kayak, mountain bike, navigate their way through the jungle and abseil.

  • 8

    Private Classic Mini Cooper Tour of London:

    Do you wish to spend some time with your better half and plan to go on a long drive, then why don’t you hire a Private Classic Mini Cooper and take a detailed tour of London. This thrilling trip will give you a chance to unveil some hidden sites and attractions of London.

  • 9

    Biggin Hill Helicopters:

    Have you ever experience piloting a helicopter, if not then the management of Biggin Hill Airport will grant you this experience. Their experts will give you a short training of fiew minutes and then it’s your job to take yourself in the air and land back to your pavilion. Do not get panicked an expert pilot will be assisting you throughout your flight.

  • 10

    Bungee Catapult:

    Have you ever experienced flying like a bird, 160 feet above from the ground and then eventually your jelly legs touch the ground? No, then it means you haven’t experienced Bungee Jumping. In Millennium way, London this interesting yet thrilling activity takes place under the supervision of skilled sports persons.

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