Great Portland Street Tube Station London

Great Portland Street Tube Station is one of the oldest tube stations in the world which was opened back in 1863, when there was no concept of underground tube stations. The station comes under Travel card Zone 1 and is located at a walking distance from famous Regent’s Park of London, which is also the Royal Park of London and a big tourist attraction.You can directly enter or exit the ticket hall from Great Portland Steet from the East side, while you can approach the ticket Hall as well as the exit form Marylebone, which is on the south side. There are many restaurants, bars, malls, schools and hotels that lies in the vicinity of Portland Street Tube Station, which are indexed as follow.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops; for people who are traveling via Great Portland Street Tube Station or residing nearby, the list is indexed below to let them know about the nearest coffee shops and restaurants, so that they can select the one of their choice and satisfy their appetite or buy a coffee to feel fresh and energetic.

    The Albany, Riba Café, Villandry
    Coffee shops:
    Cafe Meze, Pret A Manger, Starbucks Coffee

  • 2

    Clubs & Bars; if anyone has a mood to have fun or grab a drink from nearest bar or want to visit a club for some social activities, then Great Portland Street Tube Station offers plenty of them.

    Music for London
    Villandry, The Albany, Green Man, Queens Head &  Artichoke

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    Hotels & Accommodation; for commuters who are traveling to this area on a business delegation and need a place to stay, then there are some of the best hotels and apartments that are located within a mile vicinity of Great Portland Street Tube Station

    Hotel Meliá White House, Holiday Inn, Grange Fitzrovia Hotel, International Students House, Go Native Serviced Apartments - Devonshire

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    Sights & Attractions; people who are looking for some recreational places and want to enjoy some leisure time with friends and families, then there are some lush green parks and other attractions that lies in a mile proximity to this station.

    Regent's Park, Coram's Fields, Park Square Gardens, The Gallery At 94

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    Schools & Colleges; people living nearby the Great Portland Street Tube Station, who are looking for a good educational institute then here you will get some of the best schools, colleges and other educational institutes that are located within 1 mile reach from from this tube station.

    Royal College of Physicians, The Royal College Of Radiologists
    Portland Place School, Southbank International School, Queen's College Preparatory School

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    Gift & Bookshops; there are some bookshops located in the area near Great Portland Street Tube Station. Also, If you want to buy a gift for your beloved then there are some gift shops available as well.

    Book shops:
    French Samuel, Indian Book  Shelf

    Gift shops:
    Boots, Joy

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    Health & Beauty Services; people who are health and beauty conscious should not get apprehensive as there are plenty of fitness centers along with spas and beauty centers.

    Regents Gym
    Scin, Take Cover Skin System, Gonee Eyelash Extension

  • 8

    Emergency Services; there is police as well as fire station located just in a mile proximity to Great Portland Street Station, in case of emergency feel free to contact any of the departments mentioned below.

    Albany Street Police  Station, Euston Fire Station

  • 9

    Hospitals & Clinics; if you want to get an urgent medical checkup or need some specialist to consult or in case of any unfortunate medical mishap, you can contact one of the hospitals or clinics that lies within 1 mile range from Great Portland Street Tube Station

    Portland Hospital, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (Bolsover Street), Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Trust
    The Hale Clinic, Cystitis treatment clinic, London Allergy Clinic and Testing, Zacks Eye Clinic

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    Shopping Malls; shopaholics who want to do some real-time shopping or want to buy grocery and stuff for monthly stock don’t have to worry, as there are some shopping centers that lies in the suburb of this underground station.

    Tesco Express, The Plaza

  • 11

    Childcare Centres; for working parents who are busy in their office should not get apprehensive since there are many child care centres located near Great Portland Street Tube Station.

    Holcroft Community Child Care Centre, Charter Daycare, Kids Unlimited Regents Place‎

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