List of Maternity Hospitals in London

There is a long list of maternity hospitals working in the various parts of London, providing a wide range of maternity care and services. Expecting moms can select any of them according to their convenience and affordability. The list includes hospitals based on trust, government and private sectors. Some are specialists and some are general care givers. Before you make a selection you need to be comfortable and confident in your care provider. So visit locations and check out the staff and equipment before making your choice. Once you do it is best to stick with your care giver through the pregnancy and delivery. Below is a list of maternity hospitals in London that should give you a good start:


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    Barkantine Practice, is one of the big hospitals in London as it has been providing vast services in this regard. It has the capacity of operating 500 delivery cases in a year. It has got safe system for the expected moms, which has earned it great fame for successful maternity cases. Their staffs are well trained and so lot of mother select this place for giving birth to babies.

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    Central Middlesex Hospital, is also a fine place for maternity related issues in London. The hospital has more than 4,300 doctors, nurses, therapists, scientists and other health professionals as well as administrative and support staff, making them one of the largest employers locally.

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    Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust, is located in north London, run by Barnet and Chase Farm NHS Hospitals Trust as part of the British National Health Service.

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    Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, is based at 369 Fulham Road, London and provides a range a specialist services for patients as well as general local services for people living locally. It has different wards including maternity section to handle the maternity cases for local people since 1993.

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    Ealing Hospital NHS Trust, is also one of the safe places to give birth to children. The hospital has been providing reliable health facilities to the local people. The expert doctors and nurses are delivering their best to avoid any complexity in maternity cases.

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    Homerton Hospital, has also been operating maternity cases with great care to secure the lives of both mothers and babies skilfully. The hospital is comprised on many wards, however, maternity section remains prominent among them.

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    King's College Hospital, is one of the few hospitals in London which has been providing complete health services to all types of cases including maternity section. Every year hundreds of moms select this place to give birth to babies.

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    Newham Hospital, claims to be one of the fastest services provider institutions in London. It is destined to deliver their best in complex situations especially in delivery cases. Expected moms can walk in confidently got through smooth maternity process.

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    Northwick Park & St Marks Hospitals, the hospital has been dealing in all health protecting programs including maternity issues.

  • 10

    Royal Free Hospital, the hospital has been providing free health services to all types of diseases with great expertise and skills.

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