Earl’s Court Tube Station London

Metropolitan District Railway had lines that ran through Earls court but did not establish a tube station until 1871. This new stop was named after the Earls Court area it was located in. The interesting thing about the name of the station is that it is distinguished from the area name by the apostrophe in its name. This convention has been used since the 1950s to tell the two different places apart. Over the years the station has several lines added to it and had 5 different lines running through it by 1874. The Earls court area has seen several different phases and demographics. After World War II immigrants from Poland settled in the area because it was cheap but still close to London. By the 60s Australian and New Zealand natives started moving in and the area gained the nickname Kangaroo Valley. Currently, the area still has many students living in the area because it is relatively cheaper to housing in central London.

The entrances to the station are from Earls Court Road and Warwick Road and same are used as exit points. Station is equipped with all the facilities including ticket halls, escalators, complete assistance for disabled people including blinds and individuals with hard of hearing. Places to explore near Earl’s Court Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops;

    The area around Earl's court has several good restaurants that serve budget friendly menus. There are also eateries that showcase the national cuisine of the foreign nationals that reside in the area.


    Masala Zone Earls Court

    Coffee Shops:
    Costa Coffee
    Bencho Cafe

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    Clubs & Bars;

    Since the local population is young in the Earls court area, there are several hip clubs and bars in the area. The pricing at these bars and clubs is usually economical and some the most popular music is played at the venues.

    Miss Q's
    The Valmont Club
    The Prince of Teck

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    Hotels & Accommodations;

    Students enjoy cheap hostels in the Earls Court area. Hotels and other accommodations are also cheaper when compared to the rest of London and a wide range of international hotel chains and local brands exist close to the tube station.

    Barkston Garden Hotel
    The Court Hostel
    The Trebovir Hotel Earl's Court
    Amsterdam Hotel London
    Windsor House Hotel

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    Sights & Attractions;

    The area near the underground station does not have traditional sights and attractions that most people relate to London. However, it still has some good locations and points of interest to keep tourists and visitors busy.

    Leighton House Museum
    Natural History Museum
    Science Museum
    Holland Park
    Victoria and Albert Museum

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    Schools & Colleges;

    A large number of students living in Earls Court usually attend college or university in the central parts of London. For pupils who prefer an educational institute closer to home, there are some very good school and universities in the area.

    Collingham GCSE and Sixth Form College
    Boston University
    Frances King School Of English
    Ashbourne College
    Royal College of Art

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    Gift & Bookshops;

    When visiting the Earl's Court underground station, visitors have a chance to hop out and grab gifts and books for family and friends. There are numerous great gift and bookshops available that sell some unforgettable products.

    Velvet Gardens
    Slightly Foxed
    Waterstone's Booksellers

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    Health & Beauty Services;

    People residing close to Earls Court do not have to go far when they are looking to fulfill their heath and beauty needs. The area has several businesses that offer spa services, hair cutting services and fitness venues at reasonable prices.

    Spa & Massage
    China Health Spa
    Soho Gyms Earls Court
    Touch Spa
    Sabai Leela Health Spa

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    Emergency Services;

    Every neighborhood requires its own set of emergency services including police and fire units. These organizations take care of the safety and protection of residents and prevent crimes, investigate cases and save lives.

    Kensington Police Station
    Metropolitan Police Service Earls Court
    Metropolitan Police Service Kensington
    Kensington Fire Station
    Chelsea Fire Station

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    Hospitals & Clinics;

    Having access to affordable hospitals and clinics is a privilege that every British citizen enjoys. The NHS covers all sorts of health related expenses and the residents of Earls Court can easily access the many locations in their neighborhood for routine medical advice.

    On Sai Clinic
    Cromwell Hospital
    Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
    The Royal Marsden Hospital
    Royal Brompton Hospital

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    Shopping Malls;

    Young people love shopping for the latest clothes and gadgets. These trend setters can be found in abundance near Earl's Court station and businesses that cater to them have set up shops in excellent shopping malls in the area.

    Marks and Spencer
    Relsa Barkers
    Fulham Broadway Shopping Centre
    Gloucester Arcade

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