Eid Greetings for Girlfriend or Wife

If you are really thinking of an inspiration, then just think about one simple thing. Where would you be without your wife or girlfriend? Have you ever tried sharing your feelings with your friends? They just do not get it, and they would simply laugh at you anyway.

Be thankful to God that you have someone caring in your life that you can be vulnerable with. Having a caring girl whether wife or girlfriend is an ultimate gift. Do not miss the chance to wish your girl a very Happy Eid and thanking her for all her support and care. Think out of the box this time and adopt a unique way to let her know how grateful you are that she is in your life.


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    Romantic Eid Messages

    Eid is a great chance in the life of men to express true feelings and strengthen the bond of love and care. Send some heart-touching romantic messages to your girl to make this Eid a memorable one for her.

    Message 1:

    A very special smile,
    A very special face,
    A very special person that I seriously cannot replace,
    I love you and I always do
    You wonderfully filled a space that no one can replace!
    Wish you a Very Happy Eid

    Message 2:

    The moon has been sighted but I am feeling very lonely without you
    Each and every moment when I am all alone,
    I simply close my eyes and think of the memorable times I spent with you,
    Miss you a lot, Happy Eid

    Message 3:

    When a gorgeous butterfly comes close to you,
    When a perfumed rose touches your face,
    When your mobile phone dances on a pleasant tone,
    Remember it is me trying to wish you a very Happy Eid
    Message 4:

    If God ask me what I love about you the most,
    I would say your innocent eyes
    Every time when I look into your eyes, I just go down in your love
    Happy Eid
    Yours XYZ (Insert your name)

    Message 5:

    You are the beautiful, colorful and refreshing rose of my life, Blossoming in all its magnificence and basking me with all your love, care and support
    Happy Eid sweetheart!

    Message 6:

    You were my strength through all the bad times,
    You were the most beautiful waterfall in all the good times,
    My Girl, My Love, My All – wish you a very Happy Eid

    Message 7:

    You are the most startling part of waking up every single morning,
    I love you like anything, with every beat of my heart and every breath I take
    Thank you for being the best part of my life and my world
    Wish you a very joyful Eid Day

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    Heart-touching Eid Messages

    Send some heart-touching Eid greetings to your wife or girlfriend in order to make her feel one among the blessed ones:

    Message 1:

    All accomplishments of my life revolve around your presence in my life
    Yes! It is only possible because of your support and care
    No one can replace you when it comes to loving and caring me so much
    Happy Eid

    Message 2:

    I am here to express my love to the most caring, loving and wonderful lady of this whole world
    The one who made me the happiest man of this world
    You deserve bundle of adore, care and gratitude my sweetheart

    Message 3:

    You know what? You are an angel
    I would always like to see your smile boosting up every single day of my life
    I just cannot imagine a day without you and without your cute smile
    I like to spend my life be in the shadow of your love and affection
    Thank you so much for being my wonderful life partner / girlfriend
    Love you so much my love and wish you a wonderful Eid!

    Message 4:

    On this Holy and great occasion of Eid. . .
    Here’s wishing that, may the Blessings of God light up your way
    And guide you to everlasting happiness, success and peace
    Eid Mubarak/ Happy Eid

    Message 5:

    Words cannot explain how much you mean and important to me!
    Remember there is someone always available to lessen your worries, to take care of you, and to shower love on you
    You will always find me by your side and keep you smiling
    All I need in return is your love till eternity
    Wish you a very happy Eid

    Message 6:

    Last night when the moon was sighted, I tried to match each star with a reason for adoring you
    I was doing absolutely fine until I ran out of stars, Happy Eid

    Message 7:

    I am sending you this simple greeting to let you know that all I am thinking on this special eve of Eid is “YOU”
    I hope that this 1 minute of tying the greeting will help convey my one lifetime of love
    I love you so much and may the blessing of God shines on you
    Happy Eid

    Message 8:

    May God bless you on this wonderful day of Eid
    May it is your new beginning of greater affluence, accomplishment and gladness
    Wish you a Happy Eid

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    Funny Eid Messages

    If you enjoy frankness in your relationship or your girl has a good sense of humor, then you can send her some funny messages on Eid in order to make her smile on this special occasion. However, make sure to keep some decency while typing a funny Eid message for her as the ultimate aim is to make her happy and not to upset her.

    Message 1:

    You are the flicker in my eyes
    You are the smile on my lips
    Your are the joy on my face
    And without you….
    I am simply incomplete
    Happy Eid

    Message 2:

    Wow! I finally got my past, present and future tenses accurate today
    I loved you, I love you, and I will love you everlastingly!
    Wishing you a very blessed Eid

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