Harrow & Wealdstone Tube Station London

Harrow and Wealdstone Tube Station is based in the Wealdstone area of Greater London and is one of London’s most important tube stations in-terms of line service.

It serves four major lines, including Southern, London Over ground, London Midland and London Underground Bakerloo line. When the station started its operations way back in 1837, the area was considered a rural Middlesex which has now turned into a major location in the British Capital.

While lying in the fare zone 5, its six platforms serve about 4.3 million commuters annually with its trains departing about every five to ten minutes. Furthermore, the Bridge & High Street Wealdstone provides direct entry and exit to the ticket hall.

The station’s location has also benefited the surrounding area, bringing in investment and resulting in the availability of several facilities over the years.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops

    A huge number of restaurants and coffee shops are located in the area surrounding Harrow and Wealdstone tube station, including some big international and local brands.

    If you are staying in the vicinity or wish to grab a bite during your transit, you can visit any of the following restaurants and cafes.

    Cooper Thai Restaurant
    Taste Of Asia
    Masa Restaurant
    Meeting Palace
    McDonald's Wealdstone
    Mazar Afghan Restaurant
    Chasing Dragon Chinese
    Papa J’s
    Costa Coffee

    Restaurants and Coffee Harrow and Wealdstone Tube Station London
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    Clubs & Bars

    Because of its position in the highly populated area of Harrow, the tube station also has tons of entertainment options nearby, especially if you are into clubbing and drinking. Check out any of the following on your next visit for a great time.

    Sanremo Sandwich Bar
    Ishq Bar & Restaurant
    Passion Lounge Bar
    The Duck in the Pond
    The Spanish Arch
    Life Of Reilly
    Papa J's

    Clubs and Bars Harrow and Wealdstone Tube Station London
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    Hotels & Accommodations

    If you are looking for a place to stay during your travel or visit, the tube station also has several hotels nearby and you can choose one according to your budget and requirements. Ideally however, you should call and book a reservation in advance to make sure you aren't let down at the last moment.

    The Hindes Hotel - B&B
    The Crescent Hotel Harrow
    Best Western Cumberland Hotel
    Comfort Hotel Harrow
    The Harrow Hotel

    hotel and accomodation Harrow and Wealdstone Tube Station London
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    Sights & Attractions

    If you are staying near the Harrow and Wealdstone Tube station there are a lot of recreational options open for you too. Whether it is a stroll in the park or sightseeing, you can choose from any of the following locations.

    Kenton Recreation Ground
    Old Lyonian Sports and Social Club
    Harrow Museum and Heritage Centre
    Harrow Central Mosque
    Masood Islamic Centre

    sights and attractions Harrow and Wealdstone Tube Station London
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    Schools & Colleges

    For students who wish to leave near the station, there are a lot of schooling options as well, including several renowned colleges. You can check out any of the following and choose according to your requirements.

    Middlesex College Of Law
    Kingston College Of London
    Middlesex Academy of Business and Management
    The Christchurch Kindergarten
    Middlesex College Of Law

    educational institutions Harrow and Wealdstone Tube Station London
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    Gift & Bookshops

    With a long list of book shops and gift centres in its vicinity, the Harrow and Wealdstone Tube Station is great for making a stop and picking something up for your loved ones. You can try out the following stores on your next visit.

    Wesley Owen Books & Music
    North London Revival Bookshop
    Magical Touch
    Natural Lifeline

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    Health & Beauty Services

    If you are particular about your health, fitness and beauty, you'll easily find a gym, a health centre, a beauty salon and spa near the tube station. This is ideal for people who take the tube and wish to stop for a quick workout or relax before they head home in the evening.

    The following options should be of interest to you.

    Active8 Health & Fitness UK
    Inspiration Health & Beauty
    Tulsi Herbal Ayurveda & Beauty Spa
    Fitness First
    Bharti Vyas
    Bharti Salon

    health and beauty Harrow and Wealdstone Tube Station London
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    Emergency Services

    There are emergency medical facilities in the vicinity of the station and you don't have to worry about police presence either, the Wealdstone station is nearby.

    One Complete Dental
    London Para-Medical Services
    Wealdstone Police Station

    Emergency Services Harrow and Wealdstone Tube Station London
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    Hospitals & Clinics

    Hospitals and treatment centres are also important considerations for any locality and there are a number of options available in this part of the city. Moreover, most of the hospitals and clinics here are open 24/7.

    Moorfields Eye Hospital
    Cygnet Lodge Westland
    Medical Direct Clinics
    Visioncare Eye Clinic
    The Wealdstone Centre
    Family Planning Service
    Caryl Thomas Clinic

    Hospital and Clinics Harrow and Wealdstone Tube Station London
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    Shopping Malls

    You can easily step off the tube and enter a shopping mall if you are at the Harrow & Wealdstone station. There are numerous shops with clothes, fashion accessories and groceries available for purchase.

    InShops Centres Ltd
    St Ann's Shopping Centre
    St Georges
    Early Learning Centre
    HMV Harrow
    Primark Stores
    Clarks Shoes

    Shopping Malls Harrow and Wealdstone Tube station
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    Childcare Centres

    Childcare centres are very convenient for working parents and fortunately the tube station connects to a few in the vicinity. You can simply drop your children at one of the options below and pick them up on your way back home.

    Gange Childrens Centre
    Harrow Pre-School Language Unit
    The Christchurch Kindergarten
    Gange Childrens Centre
    Harrow Pre-School Language Unit

    child care centre harrow and wealdstone tube station

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