Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds or to treat a few ailment problems, Apple cider vinegar is a miracle drink for many problems. No prescription is needed nor a lengthy doctor’s appointment. Home remedies are becoming increasingly popular despite modern medicine being more advance. This shows that there are still people like us who believe that cure is with Mother Nature.

When we neglect our body, we get this sluggish feeling that won’t go away…Maybe it’s time to detox? Detoxification is a word we all use day to day. It always tends to last for 2 weeks or a month max. There are many ways to detox, from water to green tea and fruit drinks. You might be still finding the right detoxification for you? Have you ever tried apple cider vinegar?


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    Apple cider vinegar can help with stomach aches and indigestion. You might be thinking how can an acidic substance help with stomach upsets? Well, vinegar is naturally acidic but when it goes into our body, it becomes alkaline. This can then help neutralises the high acidic content in our stomach. Apple cider vinegar has a strong sour taste and in order to make it more bearable to drink, add a spoon of honey into it. You do not have to add a lot of vinegar in order for it to work better. A small amount is fine.

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    Apple cider vinegar has shown to prolong the length of hunger after a meal. Apple cider vinegar also contains natural enzymes which increase the rate of metabolism. There are many studies to show weight loss with apple cider vinegar. One study has revealed a loss of 1.2kg in 12 weeks by drinking 15ml of apple cider vinegar every day. Some people also say low insulin level can help with weight loss and vinegar is known to lower blood sugar level.

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    For those of you who suffer from Arthritis and joint pain, apple cider vinegar with honey could help ease the pain. There was a musician who drank vinegar with honey for a year and saw a miraculous change. Apple cider vinegar is known to have many minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. Lack of minerals can worsen joint pains. Calcium build up can cause joint stiffness and restoring your level of potassium can prevent this from happening.

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    Apple cider vinegar has been known to also cure kidney stones, fatigue, gallstones, sore throatsand many more. So, drink apple cider vinegar and keep the doctor awaywhether you think it will be a remedy or not, you sure know vinegar is an excellent salad dressing! So you won’t be losing out!

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