History of Christmas around the World

Christmas being the most important tradition of Christians is celebrated on the 25th of December. Since a long time the middle of winters has become a season of celebration and festivity. People are following different religious traditions and practices to celebrate this day.

The glee of this occasion is distributed by giving gifts to each other and decorating Christmas tree. The merriment of Christmas also includes prayer which usually the followers offer in church and then they have a traditional dinner with their families and friends. Last but not the least, Santa Claus, is the one who completes the entire festivity, by giving away presents to children.


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    According to the followers of Christianity, Jesus Christ was born on the 25th of December due to which they celebrate it as a blessed day and a public holiday is declared all around the world. Though in few countries it is considered as a formal tradition, due to less number of followers, still people prefer giving gifts and decorating Christmas tree.

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    In the beginning it was known by different names, like ‘midwinter’, Nativity and Christian mass etc, but later on it was named as Christmas. 25th December, for a long period was actually considered as the birth date of Jesus.  In c. 386 John Chrysostom established the birth date on the Julian calendar.

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    A very interesting, mythical and legendary origin is also attached to Christmas and that is Santa Claus. In western culture children were told that an old age man with white beard, wearing red clothes will come to the homes of good children on Christmas Eve and place their gifts near the Christmas tree.

    Though the stories of Santa Claus are unreal, still children enjoy the glee of this fantasy world.

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    Decorating Christmas tree is another most beautiful practice which is done around the world. The species of fir which is also known as Abies are commonly used for the decoration.

    Various kinds of ribbons, garlands, and ornaments which are made up of wood, glass or ceramics are used for decorating a Christmas tree and in the end a sparkling star completes the look by placing at the top of the tree. People also hang lights just to make it attractive and glittery and shinny.

    On Christmas almost every house has a tradition to decorate their house and the Christmas tree with families, which is another way to show affection and love for each other.

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    Christmas carols, also called the noel are hymn, sung in the season of winters, before Christmas arrives and the lyrics are related to the theme of Christmas. The first ever carol was sung in fourth century, Rome.

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    Dinners organized on Christmas is another way of gathering your family and loved ones to share the happiness in a traditional way. People prefer making turkeys and pudding as a main dish and besides that they make special sweet dishes to complete the celebrations.

    This traditional event is spent in parties and family gathering but the motive of this day is to remember Jesus and to spread love.

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