How to Become a Shelter Advocate

Society in this current day and age faces many ills and many people are struggling to come to terms with the hardships of life. There are many who have their hearts in the right place to try and help others in these times of hardship.

One can perform these duties in various capacities and some people actually make a career out of helping others. It is indeed a noble thing to do as you get to help others while you make your earning. One such profession is to become a shelter advocate, where you get a chance to help those that are less fortunate.

Becoming a shelter advocate is a great way to support those that need your help. It is not difficult to become a shelter advocate and one must follow a certain path to achieve this goal.


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    Is It Your Calling

    The first thing you want to know is whether this is something you want to do and can do for a long time to come. You will come across all kinds of dreaded incidents and at times intimidation from the other side as well and you will need to withstand a great amount of pressure at times.

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    Get Your Degree

    You will need to get a degree in order to become a shelter advocate. You will need to do well in high school and score well in college to be able to get in to a good law program and earn your degree. If you have already made up your mind that you want to become a shelter advocate, try and take more courses related with community matters.  Make sure that you score well when you take your LSAT’s.

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    You will need to gain some experience during your studies as well as after you have completed them. The best way to do this is to do an internship at some community program that could be run by the local government or a non-government agency.  This will not only reflect well on the resume but will give you an opportunity to understand the proceedings and what kind of work you will need to do.

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    There are always jobs for shelter advocates and be on the lookout for advertisements. Also stay in touch with the agencies running shelters and let them know if they need any help, you are willing to provide it. Also keep on volunteering, even if it is a few hours a month as you will learn more and remain active in the related circles.

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