How to Evaluate a Charity Event

After arranging a charity event, it is always very important to evaluate its success and determine whether the message has come across. It can be rather challenging to evaluate a charity event as there are many different factors that you will have examine in order to make a definitive conclusion. The information you will gain can greatly help you in your future fundraising efforts.


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    Have a meeting after the event

    It is very important to hold a meeting with all of the essential staff right after a charity event to get their input on the overall function. This will give you good insight in to areas that might need improvement. Make a list of the major key points that needed to be covered in the charity event and have each employee give his or her feedback on them. Take clear notes on employee feedback so that you can compile this data for future use.

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    Financial reporting

    Carefully go over all of the financial information, which includes your expenses and any fundraising income that was produced after the charity event. You will want to compile of this information in to a report format so that others can easily go through it without any hassle. Take your time to evaluate how much was spent on the event and the total amount of funds that were raised. If you come out ahead by a decent margin, it is a good indicator that you and your team did a good job. If there are any shortcomings in the sense that you spent more than what was generated, then it might be a good idea to carefully list those areas that need to be evaluated properly and improved upon in the future.

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    Talk to sponsors and guests

    After the charity event it is a good idea to get some feedback from the sponsors and the guests. Ask a few simple questions regarding their perceptions in terms of the overall event and how they actually feel about the cause that was highlighted. Make some notes as you will need this information to compile in a report later.

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    Solutions and reports

    Once you have identified the problem areas and have gotten feedback from both employees and sponsors, you can generate a final report that highlights all of the issues. Each essential employee and some sponsors should be given this final report to help make your next charity event better.

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