How to Run a Charity Auction

Arranging and organising a charity auction is the best way for non-profit companies to raise cash. Auctions have the ability to collect tremendous amounts of money in just one night. The most important thing that makes the actual difference between raising a couple of hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars is how well the charity auction is planned and run.

There are two other things that make a successful auction which are happy and satisfied guests, and huge charity earnings. Having people who are enjoying themselves at the event will help you to collect even more money at the auction. In order to make them happy, you need to provide entertainment and quality ambiance. There are a number of ways to run a charity auction and keep your guests entertained to make it even more successful.


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    Unlimited booze

    Make sure there is free alcohol. You need to entertain people with humongous amounts of alcohol at the charity auction so that they don’t get bored. An open bar will provide them an incentive to stay and enjoy themselves. On the other hand, you can have different brands of alcohol and some particular brands are not that important, as long as the guests can choose to drink whenever they want to.

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    Seating placement

    People do not like sitting next to an unknown person and they always prefer sitting next to a close friend or acquaintance. As a result, remember to arrange the seating with reference to how well guests know each other at the event. You can put friends and acquaintance with each other so they enjoy the charity auction even more. This will make them comfortable and they will bid freely at the auction without any hint of unease.

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    Type of auctions

    Then there comes the debate of whether you should go with silent auction or live auction. Both auctions are very effective for the fundraising but too much of any of these is going to have a negative effect on your earnings. If all things are set up as a silent auction, guests will get disinterested and would not prefer to donate as freely.

    On the other hand, with live auctions a lot of these will make the people wait for too long for the auction of their demand, and this will cause boredom as well. Therefore, there should be a mix of both to make people happy and willing to donate.

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