How to Write a Funeral Speech

For obvious reasons, writing funeral speeches is difficult because it is not easy at all to summarise the life of a person who is no more with you in a few words. Moreover, delivering a speech about the dear departed is a painful experience for all those people who had a close relationship with that person. Losing someone who was very close to you means that you will be naturally very emotional so you will find it really hard to right a speech that effectively conveys your love for that person who has left the world.


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    The best thing to start writing a funeral speech is by making a list of all the facts related to that person. Write down the details of the person like age, hometown, family (people who the person has left), education, career and things the person loved to do. No matter how well you knew the deceased it is imperative that you discuss the person with one or two of the family members to get to know a few things that you might never have known.

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    List some personal memories which will never leave you. It is emotional thinking about the good times you spent with the deceased but it is important that you discuss the stories you had together.

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    Everyone teaches us something in one way or another so it will be great if you write about things that the deceased taught you and how those things have affected you.

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    Everything about the funeral is emotional and there will be tears. However, you can definitely lighten up the mood by talking about something funny in a decent manner so that when people think about the deceased, there is a smile on their faces. These things definitely alleviate tensions to some extent.

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    Choosing a tone is very important. You can either use a serious tone or a light-hearted tone if you want to ease the pain of the relatives.

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    Remember that a funeral speech is written in chronological order so you will have to separate it into sections like introducing the person, his history, things the deceased loved to do and memories affiliated with him.

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    Now that you know how to prepare a speech, it’s time to start writing the speech. Make sure that you write it layer by layer and in a chronological order. Keep taking a look at the list of things you want to write in the speech so that you don’t miss out on important things.

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