How to Become Involved In Community Theatre

Community theatre provides the chance to become active in theatrical productions without the need of any skill or prior experience. It is completely different from the professional theatre as it relies on volunteers for all aspects of production right from the acting to directing and to producing.

On the contrary, community theatre groups are mostly looking to add more people and volunteers who have strong passion for theatre to their group. People who are interested in becoming involved with community theatres can do so in a number of ways. However, they will need to show their willingness and passion for the work.


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    Search for theatre groups

    Locate local groups as they are normally non-profit organisations, and community theatre groups do not usually own a theatre. To do this, you need to call the theatres in your neighbourhood; they will probably guide you in the desired direction. You can also find groups on the internet, or you can ask the fine arts office of a college or university.

    On the other hand, look for audition notices in local papers and on bulletin boards near your house. They can guide you to a group’s domain or website.

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    Go for auditions

    You can also audition for productions. The easiest way to participate is to go to an audition, if you want to be involved in on stage performance in a community theatre. These auditions are normally not as complex as professional auditions, but the creator will still admire discipline and professionalism to the guidelines.

    These productions also need a lot of time and effort, so it is vital to make a good, dependable impression at the audition so that the directors and producers feel that they can trust and let you in on the community theatre project.

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    Behind the scenes

    Do analyse other options than acting. Backstage work is also fun. If you don’t want to act and still want to get involved in theatre, you can enrol yourself in the backstage crew. Behind the scenes job consist of set painting, props master, set moving, costuming, lighting and technical crews. These groups are usually in need of manpower to aid organise the production. Talk to the group’s head and tell them that you can help out.

    Remember that you tell him your contact number and the functions you can perform. If you have a skill that can help them, inform the director or a member of the group.

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