How to Make a Random Password Generator Using Notepad

Notepad is considered a simple text editor that comes with every version of windows. It is default text editor present in windows. An average windows user only uses it for editing texts, but it is more than just a text editor. You can use it to make different command prompt based small software. So if you are looking for some fun coding with notepad than start it with making a simple random password generator program. Following step by step guide will show you to use notepad to create a password generator.


  • 1

    Go to “Start Menu” and then go to “All Programs”.

    Click on “Accessories” and then click on “Notepad” to open it.

  • 2

    In notepad window type following lines of code:

    @echo off


    echo You can see 4 new passwords below

    echo %random%, %random%, %random% , %random%



    goto a

  • 3

    Click on “File” and then save the file using “.bat” extension instead of using simple “.txt” file extension.

  • 4

    Now open the file from where you saved it. When you will open it, it will generate 4 random passwords. You can increase or decrease the number of passwords by editing the file.

    Whenever you will hit a key, the software will generate 4 random passwords.

  • 5

    To close the window, simple press Ctrl plus Break, and then press the Enter key. Press Y to confirm the exit.

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