How to Defend Your Property Against an Intruder

One of our worst nightmares is having an intruder violate the perimeters of our property for any reason. It is every property owner’s highest priority to make his property safe and secure from people with mischievous intent.  With the rising crime rate, one is bound to panic and cannot rely on only the police to secure every one. We have to make arrangements on our own behalf too to avoid any mishap.

Our step by step guide has some basic tips and guidelines to keep your property safe from intrusion in the first place and how to deal with it if the worst happens.


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    Secure the entrances:

    The doors and windows are the source of inlets in a house. Secure them well. Make sure none of them remains open except for passing through. The grills at the windows should be strong and secure. Install dead bolt locks. Install a peep hole in the door so that you can get to look at the person before letting him in. Do not entertain strangers and suspicious looking salesman. Train the kids in doing the same.

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    Set up an alarm system:

    Alarm systems are quite common now where the alarm company calls you whenever there is any detection of intrusion. It also calls the police immediately. However if you have alarm systems installed, its monstrous voice can serve as a warning for any one with trespassing intentions.

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    Invest in a neighborhood patrol:

    A group of residents can hire a private guard and share his salary among them. This guard will be responsible for looking over the designated properties and be trained in defense arms.This exclusive way of security gives you more peace of mind.

    You can also join or start a neighborhood watch program where neighbors support each other by looking over each other's houses for suspicious activities. Such community policing greatly reduces crime rate.

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    Save the nearest patrol police's number on speed dial:

    Save the number of your nearest police station or patrol police. Display it on the refrigerator for the kids. In case of any intrusion make the call first before any other step. Give clear addresses and names for your property to the police.

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    Obtain a license and learn how to shoot:

    Obtain a license for keeping a pistol and take shooting practice classes as part of learning defense skills. In case some one breaks in to the property take a firm aim of the legs to disable him from any offense.

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    Sometimes a dog is the best guard:

    Even if your dog is not monstrous and does not bite humans, the mere sight of it and its bark is enough to make many people run away if they are not welcomed into the house. Dogs are faithful animals and known to be great guards who sense intrusion and movements better than humans. A sign outside the door 'beware of the dogs might just succeed in making your property unattractive for burglars.

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    Prepare well when going out of the property:

    Intruders find empty properties very convenient. Do not let them know you are in. Set the lights on a timer to turn on and off automatically. Stop all deliveries or ask the neighbors to pick them for you. Ask neighbors to keep an eye on the property. Persuade some one to park his car in your garage at nights so that there is a 'living in' look. Do not leave lying around under mats and pots.

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