How to Get an Infant Endorsed on a Passport

The increased security measure globally has made the demand of a minor having their own passport mandatory. In the United States of America (USA), infants used to get endorsement on their parents’ passports, but not anymore. Now every citizen of the country needs a separate passport since their birth. So if you are planning to travel out of the country you will need to apply for passports of your children.


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    Search for the information what type of forms you will require for the infant passport. You can look for information online on the website of the immigration services or through other websites.

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    You can download the relevant form directly from website of immigration services or get it posted to your postal address. Downloading directly from the website can save your time.

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    You can also fill out the form online, if allowed to and submit directly with all the required documents. If you are not allowed to submit directly but can fill out, it is better to fill out the form first and then email from your address or send to the office through post or courier.

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    Be assured you know about all the requirements along with the application. Generally you are required to send birth certificate of the child and proof of your citizenship as well. You will also be required to give two latest passport size photographs of child.

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    Your child do not have to accompany you at the time of submission of the application form. However, you will need to prove the child ID through the relevant documents.

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    Make sure you have prepared to deposit the fee for the passport application using the method that has been described in the form. You can make payments through your debit and credit cards or else through a pay order etc.

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    In the US, you will need to wait for about six weeks to get passport of your infant. You can also check the application status with the office through the application reference number, if the process is delayed.

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    Once issued, the passport is valid for five years, in the US, and you can take your child to as many countries as you are allowed by your government.

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