How to Run a Homeless Shelter

Many people are not as fortunate as others and are unable to afford the basic necessities of life. Some even do not have a roof over their heads and often spend their nights in the open. In order to help such people, homeless shelters are established throughout many cities worldwide.

It is not easy to establish and run one since they function on a non-profit basis. If you want to run a homeless shelter, it can be done through hard work, commitment and dedication towards helping others.


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    Mission Statement

    First and foremost, prepare a mission statement as to what the shelter will be built for and what kind of services and amenities it will be offering. Also there is a need to clear who will be allowed to live in the shelter and if there are any set rules for its use.

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    Detailed Plan

    Afterwards, make a detailed plan which will outline the complete working of the shelter and the finer details such as the budgeting of the shelter should also be done at this point in time.

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    Find a location where the homeless shelter can be set up. Make sure that the place is suitable for the size and type of shelter that you intend to make. It should ideally be in a place which is easily accessible to people who seek shelter.

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    Tax Exemption Status

    The next step is to get tax exemption status. The procedure will differ in each state to some extent and you will need to provide with some paperwork so that you can receive the status without any issues.

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    You will need to have some sponsors in order to fund your shelter. It is best that private as well as corporate donors are engaged for this purpose. Long term support will make it a lot easier to run the shelter.

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    You will certainly need employees who can run the daily affairs. Since these will be professionals, it is crucial that their salaries are not an issue. They will also have to be paid from the sponsorship money. It is important you also get volunteers to help you out.

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    Get insurance for your shelter and make sure that it is comprehensive so that it covers everything.

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